Vera is one of the most respected professional hair and make-up artists in Marbella and the Costa del Sol Vera has established her level of expertise and creativity since 1993. Starting her career in Helsinki, Vera gained her expertise in the fine structure of Scandinavian hair, which is a little more delicate and requires a little extra attention. Moving onto work in one of London’s top salons gaining many skills along the way including the different techniques in hair extensions, Vera then headed for a sunnier climate and Marbella became her home. Vera has been living and working in Marbella since 2000 and proudly opened her own salon in the spring of 2015. Vera is keen to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends and developments in hair technology so she enjoys doing regular courses here in Spain and internationally. Her passion is in technical work, she loves colouring hair as it is amazing how just a little change in shade can make your skin tone more flattering or make your eyes brighter. Living in Marbella you need a little outside inspiration to stay on top of your business so Vera enjoys travelling to see what the rest of the world has to offer.


The world’s leading hair extension brand, Great Lengths, have introduced a whole new range of new colours including bronde and balyage which are becoming really popular with clients. They have also introduced crazy colours including bright pinks, purples and blues so you can now thicken and/or extend your own locks in any colour way you please.
This brand of hair extensions are by far superior in quality to other makes and like anything of great quality comes with a higher price tag. Great Lengths uses a keratin bonding system, to bond the extensions to your hair using an ultra-sonic machine guaranteeing maximum safety with a ‘no harm’ result.
Alternatively the new The Great Lengths Tapes method is a great way of quickly adding length and volume or introducing colour with a more temporary tape-in application. Great Lengths Tapes can last 2 months if well maintained and can be re-taped up to 1-2 times. If you would like to keep your extensions full time, then we recommend the individual bonds as they last a lot longer – up to 4 months.
So if you are looking for some volume, length or even a splash of colour, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands. Plus Great Lengths uses only 100% Fair Trade human hair so you will have nothing but the best.


Trendwise, we have noticed a lot more clients opting for shorter hair styles this spring and I expect this to be continue well into summer. By short I mean pixie crop short. Effortless and low maintenance for the summer heat we are about to experience in Marbella.
Elsewhere we have noticed a lot more clients opting for the painted on look. This involves painting on bleach or a high lift tint to certain sections of the hair (as opposed to the normal highlighting process involving neat rows of foils) to create a more surfy, beachy look. Then if you blast your hair with Kevin Murphy’s ‘Beach Texturiser’ product, work through to the ends and leave your hair to dry naturally you will get a stunning, soft, beachy Tarifa look.


We are also the first salon on the Costa Del Sol to have introduced a natural, organic hair care range of products from Kevin Murphy. The Australian brand, favoured by the soon-to-be HRH Princess Meghan Markle, actress Emma Stone, supermodel Elle Macpherson and singer Selena Gomez.
Kevin Murphy is truly the master of all things hair. Years of transforming lifeless locks into magazine-worthy waves have taught him everything there is to know about taming that mane, with his signature beach hair look gracing covers of countless print publications. Kevin Murphy has also won an Australia Masters Award for his services to the hairdressing industry. His new organic haircare range, is testament to his success and is all about having weightlessness and body. You only need to use a tiny amount of product to achieve the desired result too.


Previous keratin hair straightening techniques have been very damaging to hair containing harsh products including formaldahyde. The new organic hair straightening treatment (from trusted hair repair brand Olaplex) has just been introduced to give you smooth hair in just two hours. It is perfect for people with frizzy hair who want shiny, healthy looking hair. It also eliminates the need to blow dry hair by up to 80% – so in the long run it is a lot better for your hair.
Previously hair straightening was a five hour process with a harsh smell and now it is really pleasant to get done in just a few hours. We highly recommend this to clients as organic keratin straightening is the best and newest product development on the market. Olaplex took Kim Kardashian from black to white blonde without damaging her own hair in just 2 days.


To make life easier for our lovely clients we have just created a new online booking form on our website ( so you can literally just tick a few boxes for treatments that you require and we can give you various options of appointment times/dates to suit you.