Every man knows, that every woman deep down wants an Adonis. The Greek God of beauty and desire, his beauty personified in his long lean muscles and chiselled abs. To this day it still stands, doesn’t it? Well why wouldn´t it?!

So us men, spend hours out of our weeks trying to become just that, an Adonis because that is what women want. Or so we think!
Men have a perception that the bigger the better (take that whichever way you want!) and we strive to have the biggest muscles, the biggest wallets, the biggest cars… the list goes on.
is this really what women want?My personal goal is to have bigger muscles and I would be lying if there wasn’t some extrinsic motivation in that. Muscles aren´t just for me, of course, I want other people to think I have a good body.
2017 is upon us and I was doing my annual (or annually unsuccessful) search of the body I want! Because indirectly it is also the body that women want. With a keen interest in Men´s Physique, I have been following the progress of now one of the best in the world, Ryan Terry, British Pro Athlete.
For me, he has the perfect combination of size, muscle and symmetry. I showed my girlfriend the picture and she wasn’t impressed. I thought she is obviously just saying that to make me happy as he has a much better body than me!
But she kept telling me it was too much. Too big, too ripped and not human! Whilst impressed by his physique and dedication to creating and sculpting an almost near perfect body she really didn´t like the physique and could list me others she preferred.
The names, to my surprise were of guys with not great bodies, or so in my eyes!
Thus, I thought I would try and delve into the alien world that is women and try to understand what women actually want.
The experiment began, and no it was not the most scientific and reliable experiment in the world, but it gained a huge number of responses and some great insights into what women want from a male physique.
I used Facebook as my starting point, found 6 famous men’s torso´s that ranged from athletes, to singers to presenters and I opened up the debate.


I asked the women of Facebook to choose which of the 6 physiques were to them, most attractive.
Within 24 hours I had over 200 comments and a similar amount of answers!
Who knew half naked men would get so much attention?!
The 6 bodies ranged from big bodybuilders to lean bodies and one larger than life candidate as you can see. Which is your favourite??
To me, the results were astounding. The women of Marbella were split between Torso B and Torso D.

(A) Phil Heath (Pro Bodybuilder) (B) Channing Tatum (Actor) (C) Jeremy Buendia (Pro Mens Physique) (D) Craig Burden (Pro Rugby Player) (E) Justin Bieber (Singer) (F) James Corden (Presenter)

Results of the body research can be seen on here. Despite this quite shallow test, that was a lot of fun and taken in good spirit by everyone. I then started to receive a few private messages. In general, they firstly thanked me for brightening their day but more importantly, the reasoning behind their decisions and the fact I had missed a body type.
The loving women of Marbella time and time again wrote to me explaining, despite A and C being impressive, “It wasn’t real”…. “It was too much”….”There was nothing to grab hold of” and so on and so forth.
And then I had one response from a good friend, who wanted to place her husband’s photo forward. She explained she loved his body because he was manly, he has muscle but he also enjoys, food, life and carries a bit extra rather than the 5 of the 6 photos above.
This summed up why I think Torso D ended up taking the crown of “What Women Want.”
I can tell you that D is famous South African Rugby Player Craig Burden. Can you guess the other 5 famous bodies? (Answers at the bottom of the page). And whilst he is a professional athlete and in rather good shape, his body fat is around 10-12% which is more than achievable for male gym enthusiasts.
Burden, spends a lot of time in the gym and performs lots of big power exercises and compound exercises to get this torso whilst eating a whopping 5,000 calories per day, including a high percentage of carbs in his diet. (Or at least compared to many gym goers who diet and limit carb intake.)
Below is a typical day in the life of Burden in the gym! If you want to look like the body which is “WHAT WOMEN WANT!” why not give it a go, or ladies if you want your partner to look like the winner, why not leave this page open near your partner 😉

The Ryan Workout

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