Hangover star Ed Helms leads this comedy film playing Rusty Griswold in an epic story of one man’s mission to take his family to ‘Walley World’ in order to reconnect with his sons and spice things up with his wife Debbie, played by Christina Applegate. The film spins off from National Lampoon’s Vacation from the eighties which will provide nostalgia with audiences from that era. The original featured Chevy Chase following the same challenging car journey. Rusty is Chevys middle aged son who plans to recreate his father’s road trip to the infamous ‘Walley World’. Eager eyed fans should know that Chase does make a split second appearance as a short sighted grandad.

The family undergo major obstacles on their way to the theme park but in some cases the comedy aspect is borderline predictable. The main character delivers a few laughs on the way but will be a disappointment to Hangover fans as the jokes are evidently different and more slapstick. The gags were modernised by directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan M Goldstein, for example eating a sandwich from a dog urine soaked hamper has been swapped to sorority vomit races and the entire family swimming in faeces (lovely!?).

Vacation is a film you cannot help but have a few guilty laughs at – such as the scene in which the rental car’s angry satnav is set in Korean. One thing is certain: after watching the film you will be thankful that your road trips are not as eventful.

Rocks Rating: ***

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