Video footage has emerged of NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Player Tristan Thompson cheating on pregnant girlfriend Khloe Kardashian, just days before she was due to give birth. Whilst Khloe was in Cleveland preparing for the birth of her first born child, revelations of Tristan’s cheating went viral and made headlines across the globe.
The NBA star is filmed partying hard with barmaid and Instagram star Lani Blair in New York City’s exclusive PH-D Lounge, and then leaving the Four Seasons with Lani in different clothing. To add further fuel to the fire, first hand sources have told the Daily Mail that they had seen Tristan and Lani ‘making out’ and ‘holding hands’ and the US Weekly sources state that Tristan and his group of friends see no problem in cheating and are known to party hard with multiple groups of women.
Khloe’s recent Instagram update is a seductive, loving picture of the pair entitled ‘we are ready whenever you are little mamma’ but what Khloe was not ready for is a series of scandalising hot mammas coming out of the wood work to expose Tristan’s cheating just days before she is ready to drop. Timing could not have been worse, even if Khloe wanted to head back to LA to the safety and comfort of her family she cannot, as she is too far into her pregnancy to fly.
Proving that mum always knows best, Kris Jenna has reportedly never trusted Tristan and always had reservations about Khloe dating another NBA star, after her failed marriage to Lemar and with the US site TMZ claiming to have further footage of Tristan ‘kissing two women.’
Khloe’s fans are taking to the net to voice their support for Khloe with the general consensus being ‘You deserve better’ and ‘stay strong’ and with such a strong family network, 71 million followers and a net worth of around $40m, the blonde bombshell has more than enough to keep her strong.
At the time of going to print, Khloe had taken Tristan back after he turned up at the hospital showering her with $40,000 worth of diamond jewellery blaming the incriminating video footage as being set up by a group of fame hungry groupies.