Where love, passion and beauty have no end or beginning. They are endless, they are TIMELESS.

Timeless Gallery Group brings together geniuses and the recipients of the art that they create showing an extensive collection of paintings, prints, sculptures, glass, ceramics and silversmithing.

To experience true beauty; lovers and appreciators of art are now able to visit one of the 7 Timeless Art Galleries situated in Marbella, Miami and a further 2 in Sweden (Malmo and Tralleborg) and 3 in Poland (Warsaw, Gydnia and Bialystock). Warsaw is the latest offering having launched in October this year. There is also a much anticipated eighth and ninith gallery opening shortly.

Marbella Rocks had the pleasure of catching up with Timeless CEO Mikael Segelström, to find out more about the group, its passion for art and plans for the future.

How and why did you venture into the art world Mikael?

I was basically born into it. My mother (Joanna Segelström) had art galleries since 1991 when I was born and so I grew up within the art world and it has always been a huge passion of mine.

What sets Timeless Gallery apart from the other art galleries?

I don’t really like to compare Timesless with other galleries because we are more like a scene for the art world than simply a gallery. I love to collaborate with other entities like museums and galleries but my speciality is to present love, the feelings and the thoughts of the artists.

Who is currently exhibiting at Timeless in Marbella?

We have a range of world class artists including Philip Jackson, Peter Mandi, Javier Gomez, plus new artists and exhibitions being introduced regularly.

Have you got any new artists appearing soon?

The Roberto Santo exhibition will be appearing throughout November and December. We have a new exhibition in January too, I can reveal more details nearer the time.

Do you have exclusive contracts with artists, if so which ones?

Most of our artists are exclusive within the Timeless Gallery Group. Not always at first but usually after a while we gain exclusivity as there is no need for them to go with other galleries. We meet all their expectations and more.

We can’t help but notice renovations are taking place here in Puerto Banus, can you tell us more?

We are expanding to make the gallery here 700 square metres – mixing the gallery with our European headquarters. We will be welcoming people as they enter Puerto Banus!

Timeless pride themselves in catering for all artistic tastes regardless of budget, can everyone be a lover of art in your opinion?

Of course and that’s what my gallery stands for. I would like to invite children, grown ups and elderly people even if they don’t have the capacity of buying – I would like to educate them on the love that art can give. I believe if you are rich in art and culture you are rich in life.

With unsettling economic times ahead is art becoming more of a commodity for investors?

It is. We work as an investment group, all the art we sell we buy back with a guarantee with the same price as it is sold. If the client wants to sell it back to us they can – and what’s more they can have the increase in the value of the art.

Why in your opinion should we invest in art?

First of all for ourselves, our well being and widening our perspective on life. Secondly, is the obvious monetary gain. If you look into the stock market you can never really predict what is going on, of course unless you are a masterbrain. In art, you have the feeling, the art history and if you have a good artist that is maintainable – a piece will rise in value.

“You don’t need to be rich, well educated or experienced to love art. You only need to be open, to trust your feelings and senses,”

I read that you offer a personalised service where art lovers can fly into a private villa of Timeless art located in Benhavis, do you still offer this service?

Yes we basically have a concept where we have a beautiful villa that is decorated with art and decorated with the atmosphere of art, This is something we encourage a lot of people to do. When you have been staying there for 3 or 4 days you can be inspired and change your view of viewing art. We allow people to stay in the house free of charge.

Will there eventually be a Timeless Gallery in every major city?

That is my masterplan and is definitely something I would reach out to do. I would want to be there for all my clients and we have a worldwide spectrum of artists, so to be available for them in every major city would be a dream come true.

You are also a fan of boats and sailing, is this why you chose to live in Marbella?

I love sailing but didn’t chose Marbella because it was close to the ocean. I chose it for the mix of international people, its close proximity to the airport to fly to other big cities and the calmness here. I have the same feelings with Miami but it is much easier to live in Marbella with European operations here.

You masterminded the launch of the Miami Gallery, was it hard to break into the US market?

The market wasn’t that hard to break into. The hard part was the renovations, the journeys to and from Miami and the long hours. But when you have a passion for something you never realise it till the day you actually have to sleep – and then you collapse!

If a collector finds a piece of art in another territory can you deliver?

Yes we offer a specilaised delivery service for every Timeless product so it can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Master Leonardo da Vinci said, “beauty perishes in life, but is immortal in art.” if you had to come up with one art anecdote what would it be?

“We worship both the creators and lovers of art. It is the sensitivity to art that is a measure of humanity. It is art that makes us human. You don’t need to be rich, well educated or experienced to love art. You only need to be open, to trust your feelings and senses.”

Timeless Gallery Group in Marbella is located in Avenida Jose de Banus, Local 5, Marbella.

Tel Symbol: +34 672 422 231

Email Symbol: info@timelessgallerygroup.com

Website symbol: www.timelessgallerygroup.com


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