‘The Shepherd’s Hut’ by Tim Winton is a story of survival, solitude and unlikely friendship. Most of all it is about what it takes to keep hope alive in a parched and brutal world.
Tim Winton’s last novel ‘The Riders’ was about a journey with a potentially perilous ending, and this new novel, voted one of the 10 Best Fiction Books by The Independent, revisits some of these themes.
Jaxie Clackton is a deeply damaged teenager who flees from his dead parents’ house in Australia to finally reunite with the one person in the world he can “be himself” with. Jaxie is a foul-mouthed fugitive – his voice is reminiscent of Irvine Welsh’s characters – but he is also incredibly articulate and crafty.
When he meets Fintan MacGills, a mysterious fellow outcast and rambling Irishman who lives in an old shepherd’s hut, Jaxie allows himself to form a wary and strange friendship.
This book is not for animal lovers or the squeamish, as it contains a lot of eating of innocent goats and kangaroos… you have been warned!
This is a great book for all ages and reading abilities and unlike some other fiction books out there you will learn a great deal from reading this.

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