We are all concerned with age and keeping youthful is at the forefront of most of our minds, regardless of whether we are in our 20´s or 50guide. Enjoy my prettieswe are in our 20sibe e covered.t – we cess in Beauty, Lotions & Potions, Foods and nic Chianti. An oak a´s. To help keep wrinkles at bay and skin looking younger and firmer we have summed up the latest and best in Beauty, Treatments, Lotions & Potions and Foods so you can be prepared to fight the ageing process head on this summer. Be it the latest technological advancements in stem cell regeneration, the brand new Oceane anti-ageing wonder cream from New York or fighting the flab and sag with the best possible diet – we have every area of your life and beauty regime covered in this indispensible guide.


Look after your skin from the inside out with our definitive skin boosting food guide. Keeping your skin firm and youthful will be so much easier with these foods appearing regularly in your diet. As the age old saying goes… you are what you eat.


The anti ageing properties found in avocados are found in the flesh and the oil.

Especially avocado oil which contains vitamin A, B, D and E which all help to rejuvenate the skin. Not only this, but this miracle oil boosts collagen which again helps prevent ageing.


All berries that are rich in colour for example red, purple and black have powerful anti aging perks. The best are blueberries, raspberries and strawberries They contain the highest amount of antioxidants which can keep free radicals at bay from aging our skin.


The vitamin B in yoghurt is essential for cell growth and great for multiple body functions. During the 1970’s Soviet Georgia had the highest rate of surviving centenarians than any other country. The secret behind their long lives was supposedly yoghurt?! I know right! Who’d of thought a petit filou a day could make you live past 100! However the magical age defying powers of yoghurt have never been scientifically proven. Yoghurt is also high in calcium and can help prevent medical conditions such as osteoporosis.



Researchers began to study the reasons behind why the natives of Alaska were free of heart disease. This is due to the mass of fish in their diets. Fish as we all know contains an abundance of omega-3 fats in turn protect cholesterol build up in arteries and keep you looking young. Stay young with wild salmon… the omega 3 fatty acids found in salmon improve brain function and memory keeping you healthy and of course looking young.



Oysters contain high levels of minerals and can help to prevent eye-related diseases and also contain antioxidants. A great excuse to order these on a date ladies (as long as the guy’s paying!)



Cocoa contains flavanols that can help preserve the healthy function of blood vessels which help the functioning of blood vessels. Maintaining healthy and youthful blood vessels can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, kidney disease, type 2 diabetes and dementia. Next time don’t feel too guilty about finishing off the king size Cadburys bar if you want to look and feel younger. Result for the chocoholics out there!



Scientists have proven that those who regularly eat nuts gain an extra 2 and half years (on average). They contain rich sources of unsaturated fats, which have similar attributes to olive oil.



Just what you want to hear, moderately drinking alcohol can protect you against diabetes, memory loss due to old age and heart disease. Red wine especially contains resveratrol, which can activate genes that slow the cellular aging process. Go on then, crack open another bottle.



Over 40 years ago, researchers discovered the increasingly low rates of cancer and heart disease diagnoses of the citizens on the Greek island Crete were much lower than average – due the monounsaturated fats in olive oil. Extremely powerful and antioxidants such as polyphenols could even prevent age-related diseases.



Experts say the brighter the colour… the better. Veggies such as carrots and tomatoes contain phytonutrients and antioxidants which both protect against free radicals that attack important macromolecules leading to cell damage. The beta carotene and lycopene found in them also protect your skin from sun damage and repair skin cells. What more could you want from your veg?




All foods that contain a large percentage of water content prevent wrinkles and help to create a fresh faced look. Make sure your diet contains:







(Did you know you burn more calories by chewing celery than you do eating it.)



Age does take a toll on your skin if you don’t look after it. The high street is full of creams and lotions that will leave you looking flawless for years to come. We have lined up the very best that the beauty market has to offer.



This eye cream promises a dramatic results in just seconds, the miracle ‘Botox’ cream erases eye bags and wrinkles around the eye in just 45 seconds! The new eye cream is going viral on social media as it shows a woman’s eye bags disappearing in just seconds after she tries the miracle cream. The formula is lightweight and contains a skin-conditioning complex of minerals that evens the skin tone. The revolutionary ingredient is ‘argireline’ a peptide that works like Botox, the ingredient is specially designed to target areas which have lost elasticity and reveals visibly toned and lifted skin. The argireline based cream is one of the most recognised anti-ageing treatments, not all ant-ageing formulas may work as a precise composition is needed to achieve maximum results. For maximum results pat it on lightly and remain expressionless for 2-3 minutes while it dries. Get your Instantly Ageless cream from www.marbellarocks.jeunessegolbal.com



The entire range from LA Skincare is a god send. The collection has a detailed 6-step guide to help you gain the best results. Firstly, you cleanse with the moisture driven facial cleanser, then follow with the exfoliate which scrubs away tired skin cells with a scrub containing natural brown sugar and deep oils. Step three, is purifying, the LA chocolate enzyme peel is a powerful mask, which deeply penetrates the epidermis and helps shed dead skin cells. Step four, the LA hyaluronic moisturiser and eye gel is a natural facelift in a bottle, which smooths, tightens and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Step 5 is the LA revitalising serum, which nourishes dull and dry skin with a blend of essential oils. The final step is to protect, the LA SPF30 is a protecting day moisturiser which can be used in conjunction with the Hyaluronic moisturiser or on its own and the antioxidant protects your skin against harmful UVA/UVB rays. The lightweight, non-greasy formula makes it perfect for wearing underneath make-up so you can feel protected whilst looking great.



Right, so if you want to break the budget you have to do it in the vain of this amazing product. The regenerating serum helps diminish the look of lines and wrinkles, the nutrient rich miracle broth holds powers of transformation making the skin appear refined and enriched with goodness. The serum is powered by the regenerating ferment, a bio ferment engineered with plant stem cells and the Marine Peptide Ferment which helps support the skins natural collagen, elastin and other ‘youth proteins’. The price tag may put you off but you will instantly see its worth as pores are dramatically diminished.



This cream is a real diamond and won´t break the bank, The all-round facial moisturiser renews the skins surface and replenishes moisture. The cream itself is formulated with Vitamin E and will rehydrate the driest of skin. it contains a Beta-Hydroxy complex that repairs the dry and dull surface skin. The formula is non-greasy and oil free and also has the added element of being non-comedogenic which means it won’t clog up your pores. It is suitable for all skins types across the board. The cream is easy to use, just smooth onto your face and neck every day to renew and moisturise with a slight tingling sensation that lets you know that the cream is working. It really does lift away dullness to reveal younger looking skin.



The anti-age skincare collection uses natural skincare to help slow down the ageing process and leave the skin looking radiant and youthful. The oil is a super-rich treatment which diminishes the appearance of fine lines with anti-ageing oils of evening primrose and ximenia. The essential oils of rose and patchouli encourages healthy glowing skin whilst the apple and raspberry seed oils help to plump the skins appearance whilst softening the look of fine lines. The oil is really easy to use, just massage one to two pumps over the face putting more of the concentration on lined areas, you apply the serum before and after you moisturise your skin.



Eyes are the biggest give away with age, the wrinkles and dark lines appear as a first indicator but there are very many products available to target them while you can. The drops of youth eye concentration is enriched with Edelweiss plant stem cells which instantly refreshes the eye contour and reduces the appearance of bag and fatigue for a result of younger looking eyes. It has an innovative cooling roller ball pump making it easy to apply. The Edelweiss plant stem cells possess renowned skin renewal properties, giving a youth enhancing boost.



We are going to finish on our favourite find, this peel has a unique two step overnight system which is designed to give you fresh skin and improve the signs of aging. It is the first anti-aging peel which combines the immediate micro exfoliation of a peel with benefits of an overnight sleep mask as it eliminates the potential of irritation to the skin. The Alpha/beta hydroxy acid leave-on peel solution delivers exceptional resurfacing benefits gently during the night.





At the forefront of cutting edge aesthetic medicine is the use of stem cells to repair and regenerate the skin. The Arques Medical Clinic in Marbella has just implemented this treatment and are already getting enquiries from patients asking for help to regenerate their skin, heal scarring or even treat alopecia and male pattern baldness.

It is a completely painless process not requiring surgery and usually carried out with a numbing cream. It involves obtaining a patients stem cells from their fat (usually a 2mm pinch of skin at the back of the neck above your hairline.) It is then mixed with a saline solution and vitamins to rejuvenate the patient’s cells before being injected into the “affected” zone.

This pioneering treatment holds a lot of promise. Not only are dermal fillers becoming one of the most popular anti-ageing procedures on the market but stem cell regeneration is one of the most talked about advancements in general aesthetic medicine. Now imagine combining the two so a patient is able to have their own rejuvenated stem cells injected back into their skin – scientists claim this is currently one of the most effective techniques currently available on the market.

Plus, only one treatment is usually required after which the results are visible after a few days. In the case of alopecia, it will take 6 weeks to see the full effects of the treatment. Dr Mario Arques advises that only one treatment every 18 months is to be carried out.

There isn´t a minimum age to test out Stem Cell treatments, although it is after 25 that patients start to lose their natural collagen so not advisable before this age.

It is advised to only carry out stem cell regeneration treatments with a qualified medical practitioner. There was recently a case in the US where a woman was injected with stem cells containing cartilage and fragments of bone were growing in the skin. Although this sounds horrendous any patient in their right mind should always research any procedure they are thinking of carrying out thoroughly. Botox has lead to facial paralysis in some patients but that doesn´t stop millions of women getting the injections every day.



For more information on Stem Cell Rejuvenation contact the Arques Clinic



Comcit is a new, cutting edge, anti-ageing treatment that promotes new collagen growth through a series of treatments including micro channelling and cryo-oxygen. Sounds confusing? Here´s the science part…the special microchannelling roller helps to penetrate the skin and ensure the finest and best ant-ageing Crystal Clear products are worked deep into the epidermis. The roller is moved over the surface of the skin to penetrate through the skin, creating a pathway for the powerful rejuvenation actives to take effect – working from the inside out.

Not only does this help to instantly smooth and plump skin but over time it works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The facial only takes 45 minutes and effects are noticed immediately. Expect to see a dramatic reduction in lines, firmer and plumper skin, improved clarity and texture of the skin and a lifted and redefined jawline – great for sagging jowls. For optimum results it is best to book a course of the Comfit – Natalie Richardson, owner of Bardou in Marbella, recommends a course of 6. “This treatment really is fantastic, it´s so good clients are sacrificing Botox injections for Comcit – calling it “no-tox!” As well as lines and plumping of the skin it can really help improve pigmentation and acne,” Natalie says.



To try out the new Comcit by Crystal Clear facials visit www.thebardou.com or call +34 951 518 680.




Piercing your skin with a bunch of tiny little needles, may not sound appealing at first, but do the cosmetic benefits of the derma roller outweigh the negative? At first glance, a derma roller may appear to a miniature barbaric torture device, but it has in fact become one of the most innovative approaches to skincare treatment in years. Whilst the science behind derma roller is not impressive, the results are apparent. Perhaps not for wrinkles or signs of aging. But derma rollers are effective for superficial acne scarring, especially when used in conjunction with other non-invasive cosmetic solutions. However, dermal rollers require multiple treatments before any you will any results. Due to the downtime associated with derma rollers, this may not be ideal choice for most people.

Derma rollers are known to be an effective treatment against aging elements like wrinkles, fine lines and skin stretching. They can help to thicken the skin, smooth facial scars and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The magic lies within the fine needles that penetrate the skin as it is rolled across the surface. The tiny pinpricks help to stimulate collagen and elastin production, which aid in plumping the skin in problem areas such as laugh line areas or forehead wrinkles.

Proven to increase chemical absorption up to 1000 times, derma rollers are commonly used along with skincare products such a moisturizers, anti-wrinkle or anti-aging creams, or even essential oils. As the holes are put in place, the product is able to penetrate the skin at a deeper level then just surface application causing the results to be more effective and promising. Instead of just sitting on the surface, skincare products are able to be fully absorbed in multiple layers of skin as opposed to just one.



Now available at Bliss Hair & Beauty in Estepona. Call +34 951 278 130 or visit www.blisshairandbeautysalon.com for more information.




Set up 30 years ago by a doctor, a biologist and a physiotherapist, the aim was to create clinically active, personalised skincare with high concentrations of active botanicals and marine extracts. The team’s knowledge of internal medicine had given them a very clear idea of how stress, hormones, medication and lifestyle can affect and change the state of people’s skins. So analysing and treating skin based on what it needs at any particular moment, not by a generalised idea of ‘skin type’, became the brand’s usp. Biologuique Recharge Facials have gone from strength to strength with over 30 million avid users worldwide.

BR Methodology is based on two stages: Initialisation and treatment stages; both of them preceded by the assessment stage in which you will be assessed into the most appropriate treatment. Then there is the Initialisation stage, is a crucial part of the BR Methodology. The skin is prepared and cleansed to restore the epidermis’ natural regeneration proprieties. During this stage, the epidermis is thoroughly cleansed, its PH is balanced, it is gently exfoliated and its proteo-lipid film is restored. Impurities and dead cells are gradually brought to the surface and eliminated. After this stage, which comprises make-up removal followed by gentle exfoliation and a mask, the skin is ready to receive the specific Treatment Stage products. This includes Soin Biovecteur Marin which energises, sculpts and rejuvenates, lifts, purifies and illuminates. Vip 02 then helps to oxygenate and further illuminate the skin.



Available from Pure Style Hair & Beauty. Call +34 952 807 331 or email info@purestylehairandbeauty.com



T-Shape works on the body for fat reduction, cellulite and lymph drainage. It is also great for evening out skin tone and texture. On the face it is good for fatty areas, brilliant on the décolleté and for the face overall it stimulates collagen and elastin production. On both face and body we use laser, radio frequency and vacuum suction. 



Without a doubt the most common procedure on the market these days. When it first introduced in 2000 it used to be only associated with A-listers and women over the age of 40. Now Botox is as common for women as getting a leg wax with millions of woman advocating the face-freezing injections. What´s more according to recent statistics, 30% of Botox users are people in their 20´s. According to medical practitioners Botox



Scared of needles? Never fear, US-based Revance Therapeutics claims to be the first to have developed a gel version of Botox. The gel, which is applied to the face topically, is currently in Phase 3 clinical trials, testing its efficacy on crows-feet. The manufacturers hope to get FDA approval in 2016. Dr. Kaye is optimistic it will work but says we will probably be waiting somewhat longer:
“We use Botox in syringes because the molecule is too big to pass the dermal barrier,” he says. “The idea is to invent a carrier substance that can penetrate the skin and bring the Botox into the muscle. There are some sea animals that shoot spores with a neurotoxin that opens the skin, like a mosquito. Evidently, when you can include this kind of force in a cream you have topical Botox. This will work, but it might take another 10 years.”



Look in the mirror and scrape back your hair into a tight ponytail. Ta-dah! Your wrinkles magically disappear and everything is lifted back to positions they last held in the 1980s! This is certainly the cheapest way to achieve the effects of a facelift, but for a more permanent change consider the Ponytail Lift. The procedure is designed to mimic the improved appearance that comes with pulled back hair, with lifted brows, cheeks and jowls, and is minimally invasive.
“The ‘pony tail facelift’ is simply a marketing name given to a treatment known as an endoscopic forehead lift,” says Dr. Kaye from Ocean Clinic in Marbella. “We tense the muscles of the mid-face and forehead by making some small incisions hidden in the hair. It’s not a new technique – it’s 30-years old! The endoscopic techniques are having a renaissance because of the trend towards minimally invasive procedures, which give great results with minimal down time.”




Don’t be fooled into thinking that you only have to pay your way into looking more youthful, it is all about how you treat your body and mind through your daily routine and all round lifestyle. It is all about cutting out the bad and bringing in the good and it is these vital steps you need to take in order to look and feel your best both inside and out.



It is a known fact that drinking is bad for you. Scientists have regularly drinking more than 14 units a week does damage your health. To reduce the risk of harming your health and keep your skin in the best possible condition it is advised that men and woman should spread drinking over three days or more if you do drink more than the intended amount as opposed to binge drinking in one night. This type of drinking is called low risk as there is no safe drinking level. To reduce your health risks limit how much you drink, and drink with food and intake your alcohol more slowly. The effects that alcohol has on your health really comes to down to how much your drink – the less the lower your health risk!



Did you know that smoking results in more premature facial wrinkling than sun exposure? Lines around the eyes called “crow’s feet” can develop at an earlier age. Multiple vertical lines around the mouth also occur. These smoker’s lines really show your age and accelerate the ageing process. These effects also continue into old age. By the age of 70, smoking 30 cigarettes a day could lead to the equivalent of an extra 14 years of skin ageing. If you do smoke, it is advised you do invest in a method of quitting such as nicotine patches, hypnotising or if that is too drastic try e-cigarettes as a first call – then ease in the quitting systems. Smoking is responsible for several diseases such as long term chronic respiratory diseases such as heart diseases as well as premature death and a recent study has found that smokers can die ten years sooner than non-smokers so try your best to kick that filthy habit.



Stress is a major indicator on your life even if you may not think it. Stress occurs in 1 in 10 adults and affects your body, thoughts, feelings and behaviour and even accelerates the ageing process by shortening the length of each DNA strand. It is vital to be able to recognise common stress symptoms which can give you a helping hand on managing them. Stress that is left to get worse can contribute to many more health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. The common effects on stress is headaches, chest pains, sleep problems and muscle pain. There are many relaxation techniques such as meditation and talking about your problems to a close other in your life that can help ease anxiety, if you repeat it daily you can alter the brains neutral pathways making it more resilient to stress. Robbie Maller, a Chicago health and wellness coach has outlined this simple method, sit up straight with both feet on the floor and close your eyes, focus your attention on reciting out loud or silently ‘I feel at peace’ whilst placing one hand on your belly to sync the mantra with your breaths and let any distracting thoughts pass right out of your mind.’



Scientists have revealed that exercise could not only keep skin younger, but may also even reverse skin ageing. Recent studies at McMaster University examined the affect of exercise on mice. Researchers examined mice that were bred to age prematurely – they split the mice into two groups and provided on group with exercise wheels. The mice that remained sedentary rapidly grew frail, ill and greying or bald. But the mice that were given access to running wheels maintained healthy brains, hearts, muscles and reproductive organs. Their fur remained far longer than their sedentary labmates and didn’t even turn grey. Exercise – so simple yet so effective, can also help prevent excess weight gain and aid weight loss. The more intense the activity the more calories you burn, you don’t need to set aside huge amount of time to do exercise, simple tasks such as hoovering the house can burn more calories than you can imagine. Daily 15 minute jogs can help set you up for the future and you will feel better than ever once you notice the difference in your physique and your skin.

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