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Bored doing lengths in the pool? Not anymore. Californian based tech brand Waterfi has created a 100% waterproof iPod swim kit so you can listen to your favourite tracks while undertaking what has, until now, always been a silent sport! Your shuffle will be protected for up to 210 feet underwater with Waterfi´s Platinum X Waterproof technology and priced from only €150.



Sounds like it won´t take off right? Well think again. With the removal of the earphone jack in the upcoming iPhone 7 these little bad boys from Bragi will connect to any Bluetooth device for crystal clear stereo sound and hands free communication, all without the hassle of wires. The Headphone, priced at €120, also allows you to skip music tracks and take calls without having to command your smartphone.



Samsung has made no secret about its plans for flexible phones and foldabale technology, but are they closer to achieving their goals than we thought? A recent patent filing showed a foldable mobile device, that unwraps to reveal a keyboard you can type on with a screen in the centre. While this bluetooth/keyboard/tablet seems impressive, two more images appear showing the device being bent over into a quarter of a circle and turning into a wearable watch. Galaxy Smart Wings has been suggested as the appropriated name for the patent-pending device. Nifty. But whether this Samsung ever takes flight is another thing. Watch this space.



Michael Kors has brought out its first ever Access Smartwatch, and it´s looking a lot more like tech that people might actually want to wear, with the classic Kors façade and a range of interchangeable faces that can be swapped at the touch of a button for any occasion. Plus, at only €350, compared to other smart watches it won´t break the bank. Slightly bigger than the average Kors faces at 45mm (compared to the standard 36mm) MK´s smartwatch can hold an impressive 4GB of storage.



Amazon has launched a new virtual hub to let you design your dream car. Called Amazon Vehicles it lets you view almost any car from Mustangs to Mercedes, and alter its engine, colour and various other specifications. While you won´t be able to drive away your dream vehicle through the online shop, the new hub will allow petrol heads to research and review thousands of makes and models within the Amazon customer community.

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