TATTOOS AS ART ROCKS MAGAre tattoo’s art? Well the millennial generation, where a staggering one in five have tattoos, would certainly have us believe so.

But in the fine art world; tattoo auctions and museum exhibitions like the one pictured above are becoming increasingly popular these days.

Added to this, auction house Guernsey’s, which sold President John F. Kennedy’s Cuban Cigars and underwear, has recently offered up a collection of 1500 images by some of the world’s foremost tattoo artists for between $50 and $50,000. Plus a recent traveling exhibition that left Richmond’s Virginia Museum of Fine Arts featured life-sized photographs of traditional Japanese tattoo art captured by the photographer Kip Fulbeck.
In many ways, tattoos are fundamentally at odds with the fine art world which is based on displaying objects. And yet, it seems that given the popularity of tattoos these days, more art institutions will recognise the value and embrace the 1000-year-old art form.

Artist Javier Romero from Ink Tattoo is one of those that wants to change the perception of “Tattoos as Art.” He is an acclaimed artist in Marbella and has a penchant for creating original artwork tattoos. He has a creative studio located in San Pedro de Alcantara (Marbella, Spain) offering a large space with a fantastic atmosphere and creativity at its heart. The studio, Javi Ink Tattoo, specialises in all styles of tattoos; Realistic, Colour, Black & White as well as Old School. With more than 8 years of experience, Javi offers a personal service advising his costumers what will make the tattoo they have in their mind a reality. All Javi Ink Tattoos are personalised and unique and as he firmly believes are “original works of art.”

The studio also provide a service of laser removal of old unwanted tattoos. Goodbye ex-girlfriends/boyfriends names! This technique also gives the possibility to redesign or update existing tattoos or simply remove existing ones. This section is directed by Jesus Sanchez. The process can sometimes be long but it is efficient and will leave no marks.
Tattoos make an identity and Javier recommends you shape yours, take a visit to his studio to have a consultation with one of his professional team.

JAVI INK TATTOO  –  C/ Velez Malaga, Local 6, San Pedro de Alcántara
Tel: +34 679 398 056  |  Facebook: Javier Inktattoo  |  Instagram: Javier Inktattoo

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