Caroline Azzi, designer of the brand Like A Queen, is launching her new label under her own name this summer with an exclusive line of jewellery, accessories, dresses and beachwear. Based in Marbella, she will distribute her products to the Costa del Sol in Spain, the Côte d’Azur in France and in London´s most exclusive shops.

For her inaugural Tropical themed collection, inspiration comes from Brazil, Polynesia, Thailand and South America. Textures, colours, feathers, flowers and textiles are blended together to create fresh and powerful pieces to enhance the power and playfulness of women. Caroline Azzi´s pieces are exclusive and all handmade in her workshops in Marbella. The production is not too big, but created with attention to detail and with great finishes. Almost all the pieces are unique or designed in limited editions. You can find within the line a selection of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hats, beach bags, ankle bracelets and rings. Caroline has also created an exclusive line of “Jewellery-Dresses” as she calls them, very beautiful pieces of cloth with a jewellery necklace integrated into it. You can find a large selection of different patterns, colours and textiles for the dresses. The concept for the collection is unique accessories that can be combined or used separately to add an extra touch of fun and colour to any outfit. 


For more information call (+34) 652 029 793

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