What is it about Summer that makes you want to go all out.

Perhaps the plethora of events and parties you have been invited to?! Sometimes a simple new dress for the occasion just won’t do. We’ve rounded up all the coolest hair trends so you can pick one (or more) to copycat this Summer.

SUMMER HAIR TRENDS - rocks magazine - august 2017BADASS BRAIDS
Taking the braid trend to a whole new level. Bad ass your plaits with metal jewellery spikes or for a softer look add crystals for the ultimate Summer and Festival season look.



SUMMER HAIR TRENDS - rocks magazine - august 2017FLOWER POWER
Adding flowers can transform a plain dress into a whole new “Wow!” look. The bigger the better with the flowers too and try to use real for a natural, beautifully scented you.



SUMMER HAIR TRENDS - rocks magazine - august 2017GRANNY GREY
This trend is getting more popular. The whitest and greyest of hues work perfectly and for darker greys don’t worry about a bit of rootage it adds to the overall look.



SUMMER HAIR TRENDS - rocks magazine - august 2017BEJEWELLED HAIR
Adding a few jewel clips to a tousled bob can instantly transform. Be sure to keep locks beachy and hairsprayed as the heavier clips can stay in all night long with this added texture.



SUMMER HAIR TRENDS - rocks magazine - august 2017UNDERCUT IT
Only for the brave. And probably best for those readers that are not lawyers or doctors as difficult to hide after. Also only stick to the one side and make that the feature point.



SUMMER HAIR TRENDS - rocks magazine - august 2017OWN YOUR OMBRE
Ombre is still one of the hottest trends and this grown out multi-coloured dip dye literally screams “I don’t care!” the whole point of the minimalistic hair trend look for 2017.

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