Celeb NewsThe shocking suicide of 23-year-old porn star August Ames has left the world in shock.

Not only for the fact that she was so young and her death so unnecessary but the fact that she was heavily trolled for the 3 days leading up to her death because she tweeted that she did not want to work with “crossover men” (which in her industry – refers to men who also star in gay pornography.) August insisted she was not insulting the gay community but that she wanted to have autonomy over her own body.

“I don’t have anything to apologise for! Apologising for taking extra steps to ensure that my body stays safe? F*** you guys attacking me when none of my intentions were malicious. I f**king love the gay community! What the f*** ever! I CHOOSE who I have inside my body. No hate,” she tweeted.

A day later she was found dead having taken her own life.

The shocking truth of the matter is that suicide is the number two cause of death of young people after car crashes according to a report by Yale University. A recent British report found that at least half of the suicides of young people are caused by bullying.

August’s brother and husband have condemned the cyber bullies and have called for harsher laws to be put in place to prevent young people from being attacked on social media.