Just think of mystical fantasy adventures and Richelle Mead the number 1 internationally bestselling author springs to mind. The Vampire Academy and Bloodlines writer has done it again with Soundless – a new fantasy set in Chinese folklore. The protagonist Fei lives in a very quiet and distinctive village where the frequent weather changes prevents any resident from leaving the sacred place and earning a meaningful living for themselves.

Fei lives with her family and the entire community rely on a zip line that carries food up the cliffs from Beiguo – a far away and mysterious kingdom.

The story takes a dramatic turn when villagers begin to lose their sight and the zip line food deliveries become obsolete. Fei’s entire world and the people she loves is placed into jeopardy under the dark reality of starvation and crisis. The story then throws Fei into her heroic role as sound becomes her weapon and she is the only one that can end the terrible reality that is unfolding.

Mead takes readers on a challenging and emotional journey as Fei travels to the valley of Beiguo in which the shocking truth unravels and a romance in the form of an unlikely alliance will change her life forever. Soundless combines adventure, suspense and romance with themes of family and loyalty and whether you are a fan of the author or not, you will definitely not want to miss out on this fantasy novel.

Rocks Rating: ****

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