An unexpected romance where two full blown sex addicts – Jake, played by Jason Sudeikis and Lainey, played by Alison Brie meet their match.


Jake, a commitment-feared eroticist has no plans to ever settle down and is quite content in living life ‘playing the field’. Lainey on the other hand is a hopeless cheater and can’t stay faithful in a relationship with the temptation of other men just too hard to resist.


Once their paths cross a strange yet lovable friendship is formed and the crazy pair undoubtedly realise they have more than just their sex addiction in common. You watch them both trying to maintain an innocent friendship, despite their mutual attraction.


The pair’s reliance on each other is somewhat endearing. The comical scenes featuring the pair attending a kids party intoxicated by narcotics – this scene in particular showcases their blossoming yet unconventional friendship.


However, behind the fun and laughter an addict still remains and it’s not an easy road for either of them. They help each other through difficult times and in the midst of the comforting they soon come to realisation that they are in fact in love with each other.


For once this could lead to a stable relationship they’ve both avoided for so long, if neither of them make the same mistakes as before…



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