Ultima Promotions has been at the forefront of Marbella’s most exclusive venues over the past 9 years. There’s no question that these guys are responsible for throwing the biggest parties throughout Marbella history. Plaza Beach, News Cafe and the newest member of the team Mirage rightfully return for another summer season. But what have they been up to during the winter months, and more importantly, what have they got in store for us in 2018? Well, let’s hear it, from Ultima Founder Phil Savage.

So Phil how did you get into the world of Marbella events, glitz, glamour and parties?
Back in the day, I attended many events all over the UK, the Sintillate parties were a firm favourite. I met Spencer Fenton who was running the North West Sintillate events at the time, and to cut a long story short he offered me the opportunity to move to Marbella and help with the promotions. Even though I hadn’t had much experience I was eager to make a good impression and dived head first into the role. Shortly after Martzio and Spencer allowed myself and Justin Moore (current Ultima photographer and friend) to start running several of our own events.

There are more promotion companies and booking agents in Marbella than ever before, what’s unique about Ultima Promotions?
We believe we’re the best and I suppose with that claim we put pressure on ourselves to deliver. The Ultima team is extremely strong and its skill-set has been built upon each year, growing stronger and adapting to the promotions landscape as it changes. We’ve invested heavily in the team, social media and all our online content. We try to remain current yet relevant; we achieve this by signing new key Ultima team members, working alongside other great promoters, signing hot artists and releasing original promotional material. We’re also very selective of the venues Ultima represents only working with the most exclusive and modern spots. However, the main aspect which sets Ultima apart from the rest is the solid work ethic.

You’ve been in Marbella for 12 years, how do you think it’s changed during this time?
The industry has changed a lot! There are many more day and night venues for all to visit making it much more competitive than it was. But, as the saying goes competition is healthy as long as you adapt and make it work in your favour. The big winner in all of this is the customer. Marbella has venues looking better than ever offering awesome events every night of the week.

You only opened Mirage last summer, and still, it won the annual Marbella Award for Best Nightclub, were you surprised?
Well, I suppose I’m biased and believed after a successful first summer we had a good shot. Although, it’s one thing to feel it’s in sight and another to win it.

What sets Mirage apart from the other nightclubs in Marbella?
I wouldn’t say it’s one thing that makes Mirage stand out, there are so many talking points about the venue. A grand chandelier centres above the dance floor, there’s a huge HD video wall, exclusive VIP areas including a VIP jacuzzi room and private darkroom, both of which are available to hire, and the whole venue is fitted with a Funktion One sound system (the best of its kind). It’s one of the few venues that looks spectacular even when the lights come on at 7am.

With more clubs/bars and beach club options in the area, how are you finding the competition?
It’s heavy and gets even heavier each year, but I’ve honestly never been more confident! All our venues look and feel amazing, my team is experienced and highly motivated. Pre-bookings are at a new level in comparison to previous years and our event calendars across all venues are on point.

Managing clubs and promotions is a tiring lifestyle, how do you deal with all those late nights?
When the summer arrives I quickly try to force a routine on myself. The first week is tough adapting your sleeping pattern. The constant workload keeps my mind focussed masking the lack of sleep, and it also helps that I love my work.

Plaza Beach has thrown some huge parties over the years, how do you think this summer will be?
If the pre-bookings are anything to go off this summer will be our best yet. We have several sold-out events already. Generally, the feedback to our events calendar has been huge, the Plaza Beach emails are full on!

Candypants is your newest event residency at both Plaza Beach & Mirage …what should we expect from these guys?
I’ve always admired Candypants, their main focus is to deliver the best possible party for its customers and I love that about them. They cut no corners providing endless content, visuals and great giveaway props at all their events worldwide. Candypants is one to watch and definitely one to attend this year.

Besides Candypants what other brands are you working with this year?
Kinky Malinky Sunday house-nights are back at Mirage, it’s their 15th season in Marbella! We also see the return of History, Aces, and Abode on spray weekends. MOKO is another new collaboration throwing RnB/HipHop events at both Plaza Beach and Mirage. At News Cafe Dubai’s Cartel are taking over Monday nights, as well as having many more weekly branded parties.

News Cafe has a great reputation and is a hotspot for celebrities, sports stars and influencers alike, what’s the secret?
I’ve said it before, the owners of News Cafe have a formula that works and they stick to it. It’s a well-oiled yet cutting-edge machine improving yearly. It’s hard to compete with how versatile News Cafe is, it’s spread across three levels each unique to the other offering a different mood, setting and beat.
The downstairs floor is a bar environment, a little quieter compared to the club floor, (but still loud) overlooking the harbourside streets of Banus. The middle floor is where the party’s at, RnB/hip-hop tracks, luxury VIP areas and bottle shows flying out every minute. The Penthouse has undergone one hell of a transformation! It’s all about house music vibes up there with the best rooftop views compared to any other venue in the port. Just wait until you see it, it’s going to be the talk of the town.

What do you think has been your biggest promotional success/highlight over the years?
That’s a hard one…. I’m extremely proud of Plaza Beach, we started as a second- rate venue and developed it into an absolute must-visit MONSTER! News Cafe speaks for itself the fame of the venue constantly growing, it’s a steam train that just doesn’t stop producing incredible parties. But, I feel this all prepared me for my biggest accomplishment to date, Mirage. From concept to delivery and everything in between, what it took for my partners and the teams involved to produce Mirage is a momentous achievement, and all involved should be hugely proud of themselves, I certainly am.

Ultima as a company has established itself in Puerto Banus, but are there any plans to expand in Spain or elsewhere?
There is a lot of talk and options to expand both locally, in Spain and abroad, but after such a mad 2016-17 we decided to max the potential of the venues we already have. Saying that I have no doubt I’ll be looking for a new project to sink my teeth into next winter ready for 2019.

You booked some huge acts/DJ’s last year, do you have any surprises in store for summer 2018?
Yes, many! Currently, I can’t release the events publicly, so I’m afraid you will just have to wait and see…

Summer is around the corner, but when does it officially kick off?
Soft openings Friday 27th – 28th April across all venues, the official opening events weekend is Thursday 3rd May – 6th May. All our venues open every day from this weekend, the true SUMMER BLAST OFF

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