The opulent, VIP beach club Plaza Beach has just introduced a new head chef from La Sala and a fantastic, wide-ranging lunch menu.


We weren´t sure what to expect when trying the new menu as Plaza is more famed for its DJ´s and dancing than serving good grub BUT we were more than pleasantly surprised.


For start, we went for the Cajun Chicken Gougons with a lightly spiced mayonnaise dip. The chicken was succulent, the breadcrumbs light and fluffy and the dip was tasty and not too overpowering.


The salads are listed in Starters but don´t be fooled, the portions are large! The Chicken Caeser Salad was delicious and came with giant croutons and large slices of chicken and parmesan. It was topped off with juicy cherry tomatoes and hard-boiled egg. So many restaurants can ruin a salad by being too stingy or too generous with dressing. This was not the case, the perfect amount was served and you can tell by how creamy and tangy it was, that it was made fresh on site.


If you are looking for an even healthier starter option, we can highly recommend the Duo of Salmon, which contained a tower of diced salmon pieces and avocado marinated in a spicy dressing. The towering inferno (!) was topped off with slices of fresh smoked salmon and served with orange and sesame seeds.


The Mains menu didn´t disappoint either. It contained all the usual lunchtime favourites you would expect including pastas, fish, ribs, steaks and burgers. Our tasters went for the Rib Eye Steak which was cooked to perfection and full of flavour. It was also served with cooked vine tomatoes, glazed in balsamic and a generous portion of salad.


Thinking we´d got away with a healthy meal and not too tight a waistband, the dessert came up! Strawberry and raspberry cheesecake with strawberry ice cream, simply divine and lots of biscuit base, a must with cheesecake. There was also the option of fresh fruit skewers with a hot chocolate dipping sauce, homemade apple pie and a selection of ice creams and sorbets on offer but we were done!


Apart from the fabulous food on offer, Plaza Beach is well worth a visit for its tantalising cocktails! The Strawberry Daiquiris and Mojitos are amazing. The wine list is also pretty impressive. With fish and salad on order, our lovely waitress recommended we went for a crisp Sauvignon – La Belle Saison which was perfect with our meal.


If you haven´t been to Plaza yet you must. Besides the delicious food, Plaza the venue is simply stunning. As well as the beautiful sea view and prime location (a stone´s throw from the famous port) the famous beach club is adorned with huge white cabana beds and private jacuzzi´s. Plus chances are, whatever day of the week you attend there will be top name DJ´s and a great party, summer atmosphere.


Sun, sand, sea and fine dining, how do we book up?!

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