Who’d have thought My Big Fat Greek Wedding could have an even bigger, fatter, ‘Greeker’ sequel. Well this March the romantic comedy takes your cinemas by storm and it won´t disappoint. 

Featuring most of the same characters you know and love from the original film but this time around it’s actually Toula’s parents getting married… for the second time. When they suddenly discover that on the day of their marriage 50 years ago, the priest didn’t sign the wedding license. The couple decide it’s a great excuse to have another ceremony to tie the knot, but this time legally and filled with even more Greek traditions and of course more food!

In the midst of the chaotic wedding organising, Toula and Ian’s now 16-year-old daughter Paris is going through a tough time growing up in an outrageous Greek family trying her best to fit in with the rest of her peers despite them causing a scene wherever she goes. When applying for colleges Paris chooses to branch out as far away as possible instead of studying locally, much to the families disappointment. For Paris it’s an easy escape route from her claustrophobic and mostly crazy relatives.

During the hectic wedding plans while trying to deal with a stroppy adolescent, Toula and Ian take some time out to rekindle the passion they once had in their own relationship that we all watched blossom in the first film. However being caught having a fondle in the back seats of Ian’s jeep, by Toula’s parents wasn’t exactly part of the plan.

This romcom is a great family-fun film and is filled with comical scenes that remind us of the original, from using windex as a cure for everything and to Aunt Voula never resisting a sexual connotation, it’s a must see for March.


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