Prince Harry and Meghan Markel suspended their honeymoon to start their duties as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Meghan is keen to get started promoting her charities across the globe and has already attended the Royal Foundation Forum of which she will become a patron and took part in engagements during the commonwealth heads of government meeting in London.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markel were married in a fairytale royal wedding on the 19th May at Windsor Castle, however Meghan is not your average princess, and is putting her roles and responsibilities before flying off and being pampered and is happy to put her honeymoon on hold to attend to her royal duties and be an advocate for feminism.
Meghan’s first royal engagement as Duchess will be to attend her new father in law Prince Charles of wales 70th Birthday Bash held in the gardens of Buckingham Palace in honour of all Prince Charles’ charities and military associates. Meghan will then go on to undertake duties in support of the queen both in the up and overseas and devote her time to supporting a number of charities with a particular interest in empowering women and social justice.

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