In youthful skin there is an abundance of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which give volume, support and suppleness. As the skin ages the natural support structure weakens resulting in lines, wrinkes and skin laxity – which rob the skin of its youthful appearance.

One of the best solutions for erasing these lines and folds is replacing the lost structure with immediate volume. One of the best new products on the market is Radiesse, a dermal filler that once injected into the skin stimulates the production of collagen and plumps up the skin so these lines are diminished. It also helps to correct contours of the chin and jaw line and create profound cheekbones for a younger look.

Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock, who turned 50 this year, swears by Radiesse fillers and as you can see she doesn’t look a day over 40, so something has to be working.

Radiesse also has the added benefit of being the longest lasting semi-permanent filler on the market, with some patients witnessing the plumped skin lasting a minimum of a year and maximum of two years.

Dr Helena Benson, director of the Advanced Beauty Clinic, in London, Moscow and now Marbella, swears by Radiesse. “Not only is Radiesse longer lasting, it supports the skin tissue better than any other product I’ve used, it softens naso- labial folds and lifts cheekbones.”

Radiesse is also free of animal products and toxins and contains the non-harmful Calcium Hydroxylapatite suspended in a gel carrier. Once injected, unlike Botox, the effects are noticeable immediately. Over time the gel is absorbed and the body metabolises the Calcium leaving behind only your natural collagen and firmer looking skin.

Dr Helena has noticed a massive uptake in dermal fillers at her clinics. “Of the 120 different fillers on the market Radiesse is by far the most popular because it delivers such long lasting results.”

It is also mixed with an anaesthetic so it’s painfree. Although be warned the syringe is twice as big as a normal filler syringe, because it contains 1.5ml of product, twice as much as a normal filler syringes.

Radiesse has become popular on both men and women aged anything from 30 plus. It’s also become popular on hand rejuvenation, which is very often a tell tale sign of someone’s age.

Radiesse has also been awarded the Anti-Aging and Beauty Trophy for Best Filler in 2014 by the American Medicine European Congress (AMEC) and doctors claim continued use will mean avoiding more drastic invasive surgery later in life.

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Claire Wyatt, 48,  “I was very impressed by Dr Benson’s gentle and professional approach. The results of the Radiesse filler were absolutely amazing. What a difference, no more lines!”

Jason Moffat, 52, “The Radiesse dermal fillers in my smokers lines, nose to mouth are absolutely marvellous. I look like a different person.”

Marie Scoffer, 37, “Very pleased with the result of the dermal fillers, my wrinkles disappeared!”

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