When you think of Lamborghini; the creators of the world’s fastest, most lavish and spectacular supercars, you typically wouldn’t think of a 2.2 tonne SUV. Until now that is. Think of it as Italy’s answer to the Bentley Bentayga even the new and outrageously opulent €250,000 Rolls-Royce Cullinan that we looked at back in our July issue doesn’t come near.

Whilst the styling might not be to everyone’s taste, the exterior is unmistakably dripping in all the flamboyant essence we expect from Lamborghini. From its aggressive stance and huge rims, to the cavernous hexagonal front grille and sharp lines; it showcases all the outer hallmarks of the brand we know and love. But under the hood is where the Urus proves it’s a true super SUV. Admittedly, a colossal naturally aspirated V10 would have been sensational; however the Urus actually draws power from a thumping 4 litre twin-turbo V8, producing 641bhp and an organ-rearranging 627lb ft of torque. The engine is mated to a swift-shifting eight-speed automatic transmission and it is this potent mix that makes it capable of catapulting you, your spouse, your children and your dog (!) to 100kph in just 3.6 seconds – placing it among the fastest production sports utility vehicles on the planet. And despite the fact the engine meets its redline at a rather mild 6,800rpm, it delivers maximum torque from as low as 2,250rpm; meaning all that staggering performance is available at any slight tease of pressure from your right foot. Who said the SUV market was boring?
All that power is thrust into the tarmac through Lamborghini’s latest 4WD system with active torque vectoring, and features four-wheel steering for increased slow-speed dexterity and sharper handling – a key component for such a monumentally sized machine. In terms of ride and comfort, the Urus boasts adaptive air suspension with active roll stabilisation – giving the driver confidence over a variety of terrains and undulating surfaces. And helping the 2.2 tonne Urus to slow the pace, are some sizable 10 piston 440mm carbon-ceramic brake discs up front and a couple of 370mm rotors on single pistons in the rear.
From inside the cockpit, the Urus exhibits all the exquisite natural leather, alcantara, carbon-fibre and plentifully bejewelled switchgear you’d expect to see in any Huracan or Aventador. But unlike the aforementioned supermodels, the Urus offers three rear seats, Isofix points and 616 litres of boot space – easily expanded to 1596 litres, if you ditch the kids and stow the rear seats – making it perfect for trips abroad.
The price for this family-friendly Lambo is in the region of €185,000 before options. But as you’d expect from Lamborghini, there is an extensive list of bespoke options to absolutely make the Urus your own. Lamborghini have really pulled out all the stops to ensure the Urus truly stands alone as the world’s first super SUV. It offers all the performance, style and charisma the marque is revered for, and all the practicality and usability you’d ever require from an ‘every day’ family supercar.
So if your commute, weekly food shop or daily school run require some spicing up, the Urus could be just what you need in your life. We love this thing and can’t wait to get behind the wheel.

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