A comedy thriller is a good summer flick to watch with any audience. Funnyman Simon Pegg plays the lead as Charlie Wolfe, a man who unscrupulously kills people for a living.


His dubious occupation has led him into some dangerous situations, but none as daring as his latest contract which has gone wrong in so many different ways. As a result, the assassin soon finds himself caught up in three different tales of mayhem and danger that could potentially put an end to his life.


Charlie has to stay on his toes if he is going to survive his latest botched kill job.


Also starring the stunning Teresa Palmer and dishy Luke Hemsworth, the cast support Pegg´s lead villainous character well. Pegg, who rose to fame with roles in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz takes on this role with panache, a far cry from his usual guy next door, goody two-shoes characters he normally plays.


Look out for Cocktail actor Bryan Brown as a corrupt cop and Sullivan Stapleton as very funny gambling addict.


Kill Me Three Times is directed by rising star Kriv Stenders, behind the critically acclaimed Red Dog and Boxing Day.



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