Talented singer, songwriter and rapper Kesha is back and more powerful than ever.
Kesha’s music career began back in 2005 at just eighteen years old when Kemosabe Records signed her. She was encouraged to leave school and return back to her hometown Los Angeles to work closely with successful record producer Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald, known in the industry as DR Luke.

In 2009 Kesha rose to fame when she was featured on Flo Riders No1 hit single ‘Right Round’. For seven years Kesha seemed to have it all, she sold over 76 million records worldwide, had three number hits; ‘Tik Tok’ and ‘Who We Are’ as a solo artist and ‘Timber’ as a featured artist. Kesha also had eight consecutive top ten hit singles and at one point ‘Tik Tok’ was the best selling digital single in history, selling over 16.5 million songs worldwide.

Since 2013, Kesha has been in an array of legal disputes with Dr Luke in a series of cases known publicly as Kesha Vs. Dr Luke. Kesha accused Dr Luke of physical, sexual, emotional abuse and employment discrimination against her and Dr Luke counter sued her for breach of contract and defamation. This legal battle turned out to be extremely harmful to Kesha’s career and health and during this period she only released one single.

In January 2014, Kesha was admitted to rehab and it is reported that it was here where she first opened up to doctors and disclosed the abuse she suffered at the hand of Dr Luke. Kesha claims that he raped, drugged and physically assaulted her. Then in October 2014, she filed a lawsuit against him for sexual assault, battery, sexual harassment, unfair business and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress. Kesha’s lawyer Mark Geragos presented a harrowing case against Dr Luke, with reports of him manipulating, intimidating, threatening and attacking Kesha, using the date rape drug GHB. It is reported that Dr Luke told Kesha that the drug was to sober her up and he then allegedly raped her and threatened to “shut her career down” and take away “all her publishing and recording rights” if she was to tell anyone.

Dr Luke reacted to this by filing a defamation suit against Kesha, her mum Pepe Serbet and Kesha’s manager Jack Rovner. He strongly denies all accusations, claiming that Kesha and her mum Pepe Sebert made them up to release Kesha from her recording contract and claims the three created ‘a campaign of false and shocking accusations’ to break away from it. This took a great toll on Kesha’s mental health and her lawyer claims that Kesha was left suffering from “severe depression, posttraumatic stress, social isolation, and panic attacks”.

Kesha then filed a claim against Sony for turning a blind eye to Dr Luke’s abuse and to take an injunction out on Dr Luke, so she no longer had to work for him. Kesha’s injunction was denied and all her claims of abuse were then dismissed by Judge Shirley Kornreich (The wife of Ed Kornreich, one of the partner’s of Sony’s legal team).

Kesha then spent the next two years filing cases against Sony and Dr Luke and all her claims where unfortunately overturned.

She then returned to music in 2017, with her third studio album ‘Rainbow’ and released her first single in four years ‘Praying’. Stating that “The song is about finding peace” and Kesha is using her voice as a powerful tool for vulnerable women and using her global platform to raise awareness of the issues women face at the hands of powerful men. Abuse of power, manipulation, threats, sexual abuse, pay discrimination and the hardships of speaking out.

It has taken Kesha four long years of bitter legal battles and being shunned by the music industry and stopped from releasing music and touring but she in now well and truly back and with some of America’s most powerful women behind her, her voice seems more powerful than ever. Kesha’s latest hit ‘Praying’ is a song to give a voice to all the victims of abuse worldwide and Kesha states that “Praying is a song about learning to be proud of who you are even during low moments when you feel alone. It’s about hoping everyone. Even someone who hurt you can heal”.

Kesha gave a powerful performance at this years Grammy Awards, which saw her burst into tears as she sang her heart out on stage with some of the industry’s most powerful women including; Cyndi Lauper, Camilla Cabello, Julia Michaels and Rhianna. After four heartbreaking years, she can most certainly stand tall now, as she stood for all the women who are yet to find their voice.

‘Praying’ has now became the anthem for the #MeToo campaign which has helped globally expose perpetrators of sexual harassment and assault, from high-level Hollywood magnets to record label honchos. The #MeToo movement went viral on social media and in response to its massive attention, the ‘Times Up Movement’ was born raising awareness for the cause of sexual harassment in the work place and giving women a platform to speak out about their abuse.

Her powerful performance also shed light on the ‘Times Up’ Movement which is fighting against sexual harassment in the workplace. Founded on January 1st this year by Hollywood celebs, it was born in response to the #metro campaign that came from the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment epidemic.

Kesha’s performance has spread a powerful message to women all over the world who have been the victims of abuse that they are not alone. Championing the Times Up Mantra
“No more silence, No more Waiting, No more tolerance for discrimination, harassment or abuse”.

Kesha is happy to use her struggle as a platform for other women and encourages all victims of abuse
to speak out and seek help.

Kesha is currently on a
stadium tour for ‘Rainbow’
throughout July and August
in 26 top US destinations.
Check out her website at
to book tickets to one
of her events.

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