Model and businesswoman Katie Price released pictures on Instagram of her face finally looking well semi back to normal, after it was ruined in a botched face lift last September. Fans begged Katie to stop having surgery but the self-confessed cosmetic surgery junkie, just could not resist another free procedure, admitting that she will try anything that claims to fix your face, loves a good freebie, and did not do her research on the new £5000 ‘Silhouette Face lift’ procedure.
What claims to be a non-invasive thread-lift procedure left Katie’s face ruined and all the stage make-up in the world could not hide the dark circles around her eyes on the Loose Women panel as her face appeared to be sagging on set. Katie flew to Brussels where her most trusted surgeon had to perform invasive surgery on Katie whilst she was awake to fix the botched job.
True to form, Katie did not seem to be phased one bit, filming the whole procedure in good spirits. However, Katie is in the midst of divorcing husband Kieran Taylor and with yet another failed marriage and the trauma of her failed face lift, Katie’s self-esteem has been at a reportedly all-time low. Let’s hope the 39-year-old mum of five receives some #AuNatural products for her next birthday and she’ll be back on Loose Women in no time, looking fabulous at 40.