Original party girl Kate Moss has given up the drink for good and turned teetotal on us. Supermodel Moss, 44, has spent almost three decades of living it up on the celeb circuit and is famed for falling out of bars drunk and in 2005 (during her Pete Doherty days) sniffing rather a few lines of coke, which led to the loss of brand campaigns with Burberry, Chanel and H&M.
Now the supermodels little sister Lottie, 20, has spilled the beans on her new lifestyle where falling off the wagon actually involves a rural trip to her Cotswold’s Farm.
“Kate is not drinking any more, she is fully clean. She’s settled down and is really happy with her new guy – Count Nikolai von Bismarc,” she added.
Kate’s sobriety will no doubt be appreciated by Nicoli, who has previously spent time in rehab over his own partying.
Another source previously said, “Kate really loves him and wants to help him. She has quit before, but is really serious about it this time. It’s obviously having a good effect as both she and Nikolai look great. It’s a really good sign for their relationship.”
It was also revealed that Moss has overhauled her lifestyle in a bid to preserve her beauty. In recent years, Moss has been subject to a string of unflattering pictures which have revealed the damage her unhealthy habits – sunbathing, smoking and drinking – have had on her face. From lines across her forehead to deep crows feet around her eyes. She has ditched the alcohol in favour of a green juice each morning and relies on supplement Lumity, branded the ‘beauty industry’s secret’.