Nina Sadowsky releases her debut novel this month set in New York City and the tropical island of St Lucia, which is balanced on the edge of moral ambiguity. The novel spirals on a sexy and seductive theme and asks the questions ‘How can you find out that the person you love is a killer…and continue to love him anyway?.’ This book is perfect for fans of Sandra Brown and Karen Rose.

Just Fall follows the story of Ellie, she is leading a perfect life and is set to marry the love of her life – the charming and handsome Rob the next morning. Her world suddenly collapses when she learns that Rob could actually be a cold blooded killer. The story takes a dramatic turn as Ellie is taken into a terrifying rollercoaster of lies, deceit and heartache.

The novel challenges Ellie’s love for Rob and the extreme lengths she will go to protect him. From Manhattan to the Caribbean, the couple struggle to escape the shadow of Rob’s former life, of which his nearest and dearest are making sure he never forgets.

Just Fall is an ultimatum of what she needs to do, either become a murderer herself to save her soulmate or to let him die. Her decision transforms her life and throws her into turmoil of a whiplash paced adventure filled with twists and turns, which constantly leave you surprised.



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