In your 20´s key trends for summer include slip dresses, stripes, chokers, sequins, embroidered items and flared crops. When you are in your 20s you have to take advantage of your fabulous figure and your active life, don’t be afraid to try something that is a little more daring and step away from your comfort zone. The key trends for this season will allow you to dress for your shape and maintain your youth. In terms of footwear this season if you are in your 20s it is key to wear smaller heels, they add a dainty touch of femininity to boyfriend jeans and flared crops. You can easily pull off these key trends as the versatility of these garments allows you to style your outfits in more ways than one.


Slip dresses are the new statement piece on the catwalk this season. In your 20s you can pull off this look, the garment pushes sexiness and despite the fabric used the slip dress can multitask which represent both sexuality and rebellion at the same time. The style of these dresses have shot straight back into fashion this season. This dress has a natural look, the trim of lace accentuates your figure and pushes all the style boundaries.


Stripes are bold, bright and playful, they are the best attribute to any outfit! From shoes to dresses stripes can make any outfit more stylish and it looks great with anything. Being in your 20s you can wear horizontal, vertical on ribbed jerseys or silk tops for both day and night and looks great with layering.


Choker necklaces are in, anything from a ribbon to metallic hardware. The new trend sweeping the young generation is the SRS choker (available in River Island and Reiss), this is a thin black velvet strip accompanied by a pendant, and it looks fantastic paired with skinny jeans and a crop top but opt for small beads with dresses and playsuits. This simple accessory really makes a difference to any outfit but don’t team them up with large earrings.


The summer season is the best excuse to add some sparkle to your wardrobe. Pair a sequin top with your jeans for added glitz. This trend is perfect for adding a statement piece to your outfit, it’s not too over the top and while you are in your 20s you need to be looking effortlessly cool.


Yes really, skinny fit is still in but you can rock the flares without feeling like you’re in the 70s. The trend is everywhere on the catwalk from Marc Jacobs to Chanel. The most important benefit is that the naked ankles really highlight your shoes but always remember to style with tailored pieces on top so the entire outfit isn’t too loose.


Artisanal items resemble the renaissance trend and come in rich fabrics and complex prints with details. The trend uses a mix of bright colours with neutrals and being young you can pull off elements such as 3D florals. Key items such as the embellished boxy top looks great paired with the full skirt mini dress. The key understanding is that texture becomes one of the the most important qualities and accents such as fringing and embroidery create a luxurious look.



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