Rafael, or Rafa as he is known, is owner and head trainer of the new super gym in San Pedro, Reebok Hybrid. He brings a wealth of experience and training to the Costa Del Sol having trained in the top sporting/fitness facilities in the Nordics and Spain, boasting the following qualifications:
3 years sports and nutrition science graduate

ELEIKO personal trainer
ELEIKO strength coach lvl 1
ELEIKO kettlebell instructor lvl 1
Crossfit coach lvl 1.k
IDO PORTAL movement workshop
IDO PORTAL body weight training
2 years head coach at Swetec crossfit
1,5 year as a personal trainer at HF Nordics.


Functional training is exactly what it says on the tin – working out to make your body more functional for everyday tasks and making you the best possible version of yourself.

So what is a functional body? It’s a body that can do all things we are designed to do, such as walk, run, jump, crawl, climb, carry, hit, kick, throw etc. But just how much of those above do you usually train for? Notice that for example heavy leg press is not mentioned above, so does that mean that leg press is not a necessity? Absolutely not, if you are doing a leg press to become stronger in your deep squat then you are on the right path. But if you are doing a leg press because you can’t really do a deep squat, then you should start working on your mobility.

There is a saying “use it or lose it” and it’s totally accurate so if we don’t use our body as it was meant to we are we going to lose muscle and definition. For sure, that’s why I’m here to get you back on track.

Or are we becoming a new species where we are super strong on special machines but we are totally dysfunctional as a machine?

Nowadays we do a wrong step on a straight surface and we twist our ankle or we lift a bag of groceries and pull something in our back or get sciatica. That is not human! We used to hunt wild animals over all kind of terrains, run from danger, climb trees and rocks, walk for miles and sleep outdoors without getting cold all the time. We are slowly breeding away our most basic human functions.

So why do we even train? I guess it’s because we want to get healthier and stronger. So it’s quite easy, if I lift weights I get stronger, pretty easy right? Wrong! Most gym goers train at half or at best two thirds of the full movement so you are getting stronger in only a part of that muscle.

Let’s take a look at this from a health perspective…you have restrictions in the movement caused by undeveloped mobility and range of motion, now you start loading that exercise with weight. What happens? Your already poor range of motion gets even worse since you are telling your body to work and strengthen only a part of that muscle you are trying to target. So the imbalance continues growing until one day it has had enough and it becomes an injury.

So you want to have a strong and healthy body? Start working on your mobility and use your full range of motion and you will reach strength you never thought was possible.

With new research commissioned by Hayward Baker showing that a staggering 45% of Brits have suffered a ‘gymjury’ this is now more important than ever. So find yourself a good personal trainer (I am always available at the new Reebok Hybrid gym) and get moving.