Simple detailing took over the runway for New York Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2015.

Marbella Rocks gives you the lowdown on the hottest hair and make-up looks at the event, as created by renowned stylist Frank Rizzieri at Aveda.

Knot Your Ballerina Bun

A sculpted take on a classic chignon was the look of the day at the Novis presentation.

Vivid color and graphic prints reigned supreme for the Spring/Summer 2015 Novis presentation by designer Jordana Warmflash.

Frank Rizzieri created a sculptural knotted bun to coincide with the details and distinction of the collection.

“This is the bun of that cool girl who just happened to easily twist her hair up and off of her face,” Rizzieri said. “It has natural pieces poking out so it’s not too perfect. It’s definitely graphic, different, but simple”.


How to Get the Look:

Step 1: Spritz hair with Pure Abundance Style Prep to give volume and thickness in preparation for the hair to hold the finished style. 

Step 2: Blow dry hair straight to help expand the volume while also creating sleekness; add a light mist of Brilliant Spray-On Shine for a touch of sheen.


Step 3: Create a solid center part before pulling hair tightly back into a ponytail that rests just above the nape of the neck, but below the center of the head; firmly secure with a bungee cord elastic. 


Step 4: Taking two sections from the ponytail begin to strongly knot the sections tightly doing this continuously until the end of the ponytail.


Step 5: Coil the knotted sections up into the base of the ponytail letting random pieces poke out for a sculptured look and added detail. Secure the knotted bun with pins until it is tight to the head.


Step 6: Apply hairspray onto a small bristled brush and gently use on the top of the head toward the bun to smooth flyaways. 



Twist on Straight Hair

A fusion of Japanese aesthetic meshed with Peruvian craftwork was the inspiration to the Spring/Summer 2015 collection for Tibi by designer Amy Smilovic.

To correspond with the collection featuring rich details such as quilted Fuji silks, raw edges and touches of watery colors, Rizzieri fashioned a modern style with edge and sophistication.

“With just small touches of details, a straight style was transformed,” Rizzieri said. “The bungee elastic allowed for a cool placement to keep the hair off the face, while the addition of the ridges midway down the hair added an element of interest setting the look apart from a traditional straight look.”


How to Get the Look:

Step 1: Apply a thin layer of style prep cream to give the hair volume and grip. Once fully spritzed, use a hairdryer to dry the hair straight, not allowing for any bends in the hair.

Step 2: Lightly mist hair from roots to ends and in small sections, use a flat iron to make hair straight. Once done, set with hairspray.

Step 3: Starting on the left side of the head, lift a section of hair out of the way to backcomb the underneath side section that rests just behind the ear. The teased section will serve as the anchor for the bungee cord hair tie. Repeat on the right side.

Step 4: Beginning on the left side of the head, hook the bungee cord hair tie into place and pull to the right side, securing in the teased sections of hair.

 Step 5: With the flat iron, take a top section of hair midway down between the ear and bottom of hair ends and grip the hair with the iron. Slightly flip the iron up to make a small ridge. Then create another ridge, just below, in the opposite direction

Step 6: Use several drops of serum to gently set the top of the hair for a final sheen


Stella McCartney Sleek Up-do

British designer Stella McCartney was one of the highlights of London Fashion Week this September. She showcased her ‘Green Carpet Collection’ of ethical bespoke outfits with the aim of changing the perceptions of green fashion.

Hollywood A-listers including Samuel L Jackson, Colin Firth, Drew Barrymore and Salma Hayek attended the event.

A unique collection of dresses and tailored clothing was complimented by trendy scraped back hair for a simplistic yet very edgy and modern look.

How to Get the Look:

Step 1: Brush hair thoroughly and apply a small amount of style prep cream to give the hair volume and grip.

Step 2: Divide the hair at the top half of your head into three equal sized sections, one at the top and two at each side of the head. Secure with a crocodile clip or similar.

Step 3: Backcomb behind the 2 side sections and top section of hair to create volume for the overall look

Step 4: Using your hand with a small amount of firm hold gel, smooth the front section of hair over the teased and backcombed hair for a sleek look.

Step 5: Secure with a hair band into a low ponytail that begins at the nape of your neck. Spritz the finished look with a generous amount of hairspray to hold.


Tousled Texture for Men

It was all about individuality and the character at Richard Chai’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection. To keep things cool and fresh, Guest Artist Rizzieri created a minimal look for the hair that had edge, distinction and texture.

“For the guys, we played up the men’s natural hair, to create a lived in, easy texture,” Rizzieri said. “It was about the guy that went out the night before and this is the hair he woke up with; then he ran his fingers through his hair and started his day; definitely a cool guy statement.”

How to Get the Look:

Step 1: Look for the natural fall of the hair to let it lie where it wants to fall.

Step 2: For curly and wavy hair, use a blow dryer to smooth out kinks.

Step 3: To create the vibe that the hair is lived in, apply a texturing balm. Use the fingers and hands to really scrunch up the hair for an overall sculpted look

Step 4: Work fingers through the top of the hair, tousling it to the desired shape.

Step 5: Set the final look with a spritz of firm hold hairspray.


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