Good and the bad and the uglyWith fame and fortune on their sides, it’s always good to hear that celebrities are being GOOD, giving back and making a difference to other people’s lives. From Ariana Grande’s Manchester memorial concert to JJ Watts whooping $37m Hurricane Harvey fundraiser, celebs can be downright goody two shoes.

Unfortunately the flipside of this is celebrities can be really, really BAD, take Hulk Hogan cheating with his daughter’s best friend or Woody Allen moving in with his stepdaughter. Ouch. While we wouldn’t shame a celeb for being UGLY we can put them on our list for overdoing the plastic surgery. Just because they have the bank balance doesn’t mean the surgeon’s knife will be kind to them.




Following the Manchester Arena Bombing at her concert on May 22 last year, killing 22 people and injuring 500 others, pop star Ariana organised the follow up ‘One Love Manchester’ benefit concert on 4 June 2017. She generously gave her time and efforts for free (roping in pals Katy Perry, Justin Bieber & Coldplay) and raised over £18 million for the victims of the bombing and their families.


Good and the bad and the uglyED SHEERAN

Nice guy Ed literally paid off old school friend’s Amy Wadge’s mortgage by co-writing a song with her which went on to receive more than 10 million in sales and streams. Struggling songwriter Amy helped write ‘Thinking Out Loud’ with Ed after she told the star she was about to lose her family home. She now never has to think about money again. It also put her on the songwriting map with artists Geri Horner (Geri Haliwell) and Ben Haenow using her talents.



Former diva Jennifer Lopez had been vocal about helping the victims of Hurricane Maria in her hometown of Puerto Rico. Last September she put her money where her mouth is and announced at a press conference in New York that she would donate $1million to help rebuild Puerto Rico. Her efforts have gone a long way in repairing hospitals, schools and public buildings in the area.



Rapper Nicki helped fund struggling students through college paying for their loans and tuitions. It all started out fairly innocently on Twitter on May 7 last year with a joke from a fan who asked if she could help out with his loan. She did! And then called on other fans to prove they were straight A students and needed help. In total Minaj funded 8 students that night but promised she would do more later down the line for other fans.



Texan NFL star J.J. Watt set up the Houston Flood Relief Fund in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the combined fundraising efforts brought in $37 million with more than 200,000 donations. Spearheading the group the American football star also donated $100,000 of his personal fortune in the immediate aftermath to send supplies to the worst affected areas.



Although it might seem trivial compared to donating millions to charity you have to give it to nice guy ‘Brokeback Mountain’ star Jake in the “random acts of kindness” stakes who admits to regularly topping up people’s parking meters in LA when he sees they’ve expired and parking enforcers are heading his way.


Good and the bad and the uglyCHANCE


Chicago born Rapper Chance launched the New Chance Arts & Literature Fund, an investment in arts programme for Chicago schools. The initiative has so far raised $3.2m for Chicago Schools. In addition he has donated a further $1m to Meals on Wheels and 100 Suits – an organisation to prevent police brutality and racial injustices.


Good and the bad and the uglyTHE BAD


Woody Allen’s place in the bad celebrity list was cemented the moment he decided to marry his own stepdaughter, Soon Yi Previn. At the time the two met, Oscar winner Woody was dating actress Mia Farrow who had just adopted Soon-Yi. Moral compass severely skewed the director moved in with his new girlfriend, 35 years his junior, dumping devastated Mia.



Hulk Hogan wins on the “embarrassing dad” stakes with this one. The former WWF wrestler turned reality TV star embarked on an affair with his daughter’s best friend Christiane Plante. When caught out he decided to leave his wife of 24 years Linda Hogan. Hulk’s daughter Brooke and Christiane are not surprisingly BFF’s anymore and Hulk has been embroiled in 3 sex tape scandals since his indiscretion.


Good and the bad and the uglyALEC BALDWIN

Baldwin’s inclusion on this list is rooted in a single incident when he left a horrific voicemail on his daughter’s phone, calling his 11-year-old daughter, Ireland, “a rude, thoughtless little pig,” going on to tell her, “you don’t have the brains or the decency as a human being.” He has also been caught fighting with paparazzi on three separate occasions and using an anti-gay slur in one outburst.



Although he has been trying pretty hard of late to change the public’s perception of him, his antics from 2012 to 2015 have been very well documented! Firstly he called a female fan a “Beached Whale” has been caught spraying graffiti in Australia and even peed in a mop bucket in a restaurant. Topped off with being late to the majority of his concerts and even spitting on his fans. Nice.


Good and the bad and the uglyDEMI LOVATO

Now this is pretty ironic as Demi has always been a huge supporter of anti-bullying campaigns but according to several of her high school alumni Demi was the biggest bully in school. She was “your typical mean girl” one stated. One even claimed that Demi made rude comments about her weight which went on to her developing an eating disorder (which Demi also suffers from.) Maybe Demi is only standing up to bullying to cover her own tracks?



According to reports Lucille Ball from famed TV show ‘I Love Lucy’ was a complete snob who refused to talk to any ordinary people or people that she felt were beneath her. She was often heard in public referring to common people as “the help!” Much was the public disdane to her at the time that hosts refused to have Lucille on their chat shows and she was snubbed at awards gala.



‘Naked Gun’ star Simpson was acquitted of murder charges in 1995, but there’s always been suspicion as to whether he was really innocent when someone murdered his wife and her boyfriend, Ron Goldman. Despite being acquitted in the ensuing criminal proceedings Simpson was successfully convicted in a civil case soon after that for “wrongful death,” to the tune of a whopping $33 million settlement (which he has yet to pay off).

Good and the bad and the ugly



Good and the bad and the uglyELSA PATTON

‘The Real Housewives Of Miami’ star Elsa Patton has referred to her multiple cosmetic surgery procedures on the show with deep regret. She never names her surgeon preferring to label him as “the man who ruined my face”. The 78-year-old has never actually fessed up to the exact procedures she has undergone but at least she admits she doesn’t look good.




Ex-model Alicia had her first facelift when she was just 24 years old. Since then she is said to have spent a staggering £1.5million on over 350 cosmetic enhancements. She now regrets having so much work done after a botched bum life which left her with severe leaking and scarring. Alicia, now 39, admits she is happy in her skin now aged 39 and replies on serums and creams.


Good and the bad and the uglyFARRAH ABRAHAM

The ‘Teen Mom’ star was an unfortunate victim of botched lip injections that blew up her pout to triple the size. “As soon as he touched my lip with whatever numbing product he put in there, my lip was having an allergic reaction right away,” she revealed on TV show ‘The Doctors’. “I was laying down flat, but I was seeing more of my lip come up and come up. I’m just super happy that I’m alive.”



‘Top Gun’ actress Meg Ryan was known for her pretty girl-next-door looks in the 90’s yet dabbling with lip augmentation has left her with a severe trout pout. Added to this Meg was still suffering from a swollen face from botched fillers at a recent awards ceremony. She is living proof that despite a huge bank balance surgery is not the way to grow old gracefully.


Good and the bad and the uglyJOCELYN WILDENSTEIN

American socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein, 71, has admitted to spending $5million on plastic surgery so far and despite being referred to as “Catwoman” and “The Bride of Frankenstein” in the press has said in a recent interview that she will continue with surgery well into her 80’s and 90’s. Will someone please shake the woman and tell her to STOP!



Simply Red lead singer Mick Hucknall has apparently always had a penchant for partying and beautiful ladies. His recent trip out in London where he was papped profusely showed the decades have finally caught up with the 55-year-old ginger lothario. Looking very swollen yet tight in the face, Mick smiled away during the close-up photos – although probably regretted getting that close up in the morning when he opened the papers.



Legendary 80’s actor Mickey Rourke and his hairdresser pal accidently paid homage to ‘Zoolander’ in this hilarious OAP get up in LA in December. Cosmetic surgery experts say the ‘Nine and a Half Weeks’ star has had a facelift, eyelid surgery to both upper and lower lids, soft tissue fillers, cheek and chin implants as well as rhinoplasty and hair implants.

Good and the bad and the ugly

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