Uber meets luxury air travel in this brand new app designed to make your private jet experience a lot easier. (Assuming you have a private jet experience of course.)

Uber has received its mixed reports of both good and bad since its release but whatever you think of the taxi service app, you can’t deny the ease and incredible success of it.

Well now it is time to say hello to Jet Smarter. It’s a brand new service which allows you to book your very own private jet from the tap of a screen. All you need to do is download the app, type in your details and you’re fully set to book a flight whenever you feel like it. Laying in bed watching Netflix feeling bored? Just tap away and you could be in the air sipping champagne on your way to Milan in no time.
The app offers three services: The full-on celeb luxury experience, a private jet at your very own demand. There is the option to book onto a shared charter with other groups to save a bit of money, or take advantage of the ‘Jet Shuttle’ service which allows you to book onto a regular scheduled private jet with other groups or individuals up to two months in advance.
But the luxury doesn’t just begin at the flight. The ‘white glove’ service whisks you right through security and straight onto the plane with a glass of bubbly in your hand, which means you don’t have to stand and wait behind Doris who is on her way to Benidorm and watch her take off every single piece of oversized jewellery she has ever owned.
You can pay-as-you-fly for the first three months since signing up and then choose a yearly subscription service of either the ‘Simple’ ($5000) or ‘Smart’ ($15,000) packages. Which if you’re a regular flyer, isn’t actually that bad!


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