First it was perms in the 80’s, hair straighteners in the 90’s and now apparently extensions are all the rage. These days men are going to new lengths to be as well tressed as their female counterparts.
According to Great Lengths, who offer ethically sourced, premium bonded 100% human hair, some 10% of its £4 million annual sales are attributed to men. Sabrina Wageman, owner of Cappuccino in Puerto Banus said she has noticed the rise in Marbella too.
“It’s great that men are getting in on the action. We have noticed more customers asking for longer or thicker styles that can’t be achieved with their own hair and that’s where extensions come in. It may only take a few rows to get the style they want but it can really transform the look.”
Amanda Jackson, Great Length’s ‘principle educator’, backed this up saying “there are men who want an instant effect instead of having to wait for their hair to grow out to achieve the style they are looking for. Once they are in, the extensions last for up to three months, and they’re not clip-ins – it’s not obvious that you are wearing extensions at all. They are bonded into your existing hair.”
Hair brand Great Lengths are also offering a special Men-hancements service which helps to cover hair loss and thinning hair, as well as letting men emulate their style influencers such as Harry Styles and Bradley Cooper.
There’s no limit to the booming male grooming market which has seen a huge rise, up from £574m in 2012 to £608m in 2017 in the UK, according to Statista. It seems anything that women can do – men can do better and that includes hair, waxing, brows and even manicures, pedicures and make-up. There’s no shame or stigma for men to enhance what they have already got anymore.
For more information on hair extensions and other services call Sabrina and her team at Cappuccino on +34 952 814 322 or see their website at

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