We have had a lovely summer in Marbella with beautiful sunny weather. You´ve probably have spent lots of time outdoors, running and exercising, relaxing on the beach or by the pool, and of course partying. While most of us recognise the need to protect our skin from the rigours of summer heat and sun, by the end of summer a quick glance in the mirror frequently lets us know that we forgot to protect our hair. While you were having a good time, the sun-ray, the heat, the wind, the dust, the moisture, the sweat, the salt, the chlorine and the air-conditioning will have damaged your hair.

By the end of the summer hair can become so dehydrated it looks and feels nearly fried. Hair may not only have a faded colour or gone green and have a dry look and feel, but can also be dull, brassy, frizzy, dry, brittle and unmanageable, have problems holding a curl or style, and even take longer to dry. In its worst form damage causes the ends of the hair to split, and breakage can begin. When hair dehydrates it becomes brittle and when it becomes brittle you get the broken split ends that go up the hair shaft and cause fuzziness and frizziness and sometimes breakage; it’s a cumulative process.

While hair is easily damaged, repairing it can be frustratingly hard. That’s because many of us turn to styling aids, such as mousses and gels, to force our damaged tresses to do what we want. And that can be a big mistake. If you are having problems with your hair – it’s frizzy or won’t hold a curl or style – it’s natural to reach for more styling aids. But when hair is damaged, these products can make it look and feel worse. Instead, begin by having your hair repaired by a professional treatment. Hair cannot repair itself, so we have to put back in what was taken out.  Your hair’s condition is paramount to us at Wood Hairdressing and we work hard to keep clients’ hair healthy, shiny and in top condition.


At Wood, we will recommend and apply the treatment that is right for your hair depending on the type of hair, its length, condition, age, and lifestyle.




If you want to give your hair the top treatment, especially for coloured hair, I would recommend the OLAPLEX SPECIAL BOND MULTIPLYING PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT. Olaplex is a scientifically developed product, the only one of its kind with 8 worldwide patents. Olaplex repairs the broken biochemical bonds in the hair shaft. These bonds could have been broken by heat, chemicals and by physically mistreating the hair. Olaplex multiplies and cross links the biochemical bonds, actually rebuilding the hair and preventing chemical damage and split ends in the first place. I can apply Olaplex as a stand alone treatment, but especially recommend it in combination with colour. The treatment comprises Olaplex No. 1 Bond Multiplier, followed by Olaplex No. 2 Bond Perfector and takes about 30 minutes in the salon. The Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector is for use at home, and I recommended treating your hair once a week for 10 to 20 minutes. You will see the difference with your hair shining, feeling like silk and twice as thick as before.

I recommend applying the Olaplex in-salon treatment once a month, especially for coloured hair, and the hair will just keep getting better and better. Olaplex is the ultimate treatment for anyone with damaged hair and anyone who wants to strengthen and improve the texture of their locks.



Alternatively, kick-start a healthy hair regime with an in-salon intensive treatment tailored to the needs of your hair. REDKEN CHEMISTRY SYSTEM is a professional treatment collection that adds shine and strength, seals the hair cuticle, and adds a brilliant gloss that lasts for at least three weeks! The Chemistry System is an “inside-out approach” to creating healthy, shiny hair. SHOT PHASE contains specialised ingredients that compensate for missing components in the hair due to chemical or mechanical distress. Chemistry System includes six shots, which I can blend for truly personalised solutions for your individual hair needs. In about 5 minutes, you can improve the quality of your hair. These advanced formula treatments provide immediate results after just one treatment.  SHOT FIX helps lock in the specialised ingredients in the Shot Phase formulas onto the hair while rebalancing the hair’s pH level and sealing the cuticle to leave hair in its most compact, healthy condition.



If you want to restore the manageability of your hair or make sure that you hold a curl or style, I would apply the KERATIN SMOOTHING TREATMENT, which is a revolutionary Brazilian blow dry a.k.a. the Permanent Blow Dry. This treatment not only banishes frizz and seals split ends, but it also makes the hair resistant to humidity. It transforms hair, making it soft and smooth and giving it a great shine. The Keratin Smoothing Treatment eliminates frizz and gives the hair instant manageability. It is completely safe to use on coloured or highlighted hair. After having a Keratin Smoothing Treatment you will be able to blast your hair dry in double quick time, achieving beautifully conditioned and easy to manage hair. The “Just Blow Dried” look lasts between 2 to 4 months. It has made life easier and happier for countless women living in hot climates around the world.



To further prevent frizzy, brittle and unmanageable hair, I also recommend the award winning DISMISS THE FRIZZ range of products from Redken for use at home. The range includes a sulphate free shampoo, a conditioner for humidity protection and smoothing, repairing mask, a FPF smoothing lotion spray, FPF leave-in smoothing oil serum, or the stronger FPF smoothing control cream. I will be happy to recommend the appropriate product strength for your hair, so that you can fight the appearance of frizz with lasting control in the comfort of your own home.


So if your hair has suffered from the summer sun and heat, come to Wood Hairdressing for a consultation and have me advise you on the optimal treatment for your hair. No matter what your hair length, texture or thickness is, Wood Hairdressing has the hair care solution to suit your needs. Enjoy one of the most innovative, exciting and complete hair care experiences on the Costa del Sol, feel relaxed and taken care of in Wood Hairdressing’s distinctive interior and luxurious atmosphere, while sipping a coffee or a glass of wine. We will ensure that you get the beautiful, soft and shiny, healthy hair you have dreamed of, and that you leave the salon radiating confidence with a smile on your face and a bounce in your step!

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