If you’re looking for a friendly, relaxed party atmosphere then Candypants might well be for you.

The party organisers have been throwing events in Marbella for 4 years now: at night club Tibu every Friday and their own privately planned Candypants boat parties once a week. There are 19 planned events this summer if you fancy a daytime trip out on the Marbella shoreline.

Candypants are not claiming to be the biggest club night or about securing the best top name DJ’s. Their music is a mix of commercial house and summer anthems that people like to party to.

“We’re all about having fun… the Candy Girls, our host of beautiful women that organise our events are definitely our unique selling point,” says Ray Chan, owner of Candypants.

There’s a team of 70 Candygirls in the UK and Spain with around 5 or 6 hostesses at each party. The idea behind the Candygirls, apart from to attract the guys, is to get the parties started.

“At each one of our events, the Candygirls go round on the dancefloor handing out fancy dress items to revellers. It’s amazing how that one box of novelties can change the night. You relax, smile and it’s a good way for our clientele to interact with each other.”

“We try not to be too pretentious. It’s a family natured team and everyone gets along,” Ray adds.

At Candypants boat parties the €1m catamaran draws anchor when its calm and lets guests swim for half an hour or so, a good way to cool everyone down in the 30 degree heat.

Candypants target audience is 18-40 young professionals with anyone from footballers to lawyers in attendance.

“We are bringing the fun back to Marbella,” Ray adds. But be warned, don’t attempt to step afoot a Candypants boat party worse for wear. “We don’t let troublemakers on board. We are all about having fun with a good crowd. We would rather turn 100 people away and lose money to keep a problem free crowd!”

Chan started the parties in 2008 at Oracle nightclub whilst studying for a degree at Leeds Metropolitan University, “I can’t believe after my shocking A-Levels and party organising that I actually walked away with a degree!”

He is now part owner of The Oracle and has grown Candypants UK events to include Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, Liverpool, London, Essex and Dubai.

However he admits Marbella is a really important part of the Candypants business.  “We spend most of the summer out here, giving holidaymakers and locals something a bit different.”

When quizzed on his plans for the future, Ray admits he wants to focus on growing Candypants Dubai, London and Marbella divisions and will always want to be his own boss, as he loves the buzz of working for himself.

For a chance to win 2 free tickets to a Candypants boat party worth €230 follow  @Marbella_Rocks. The lucky winners will be selected at random on August 12th.

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