Here’s yet another reason to head to Marbella for your holidays this Summer. Under new legislation just come into force, Brits heading to Ibiza and Majorca this summer will have to pay double the amount of tourism tax as new rules come into force today, May 1st.

The tax hike will rake in £110 million for the coffers of these Balearics, although not all are set on the new laws with the Majorca Hoteliers Federation calling it “disastrous.”

Holidaymakers were warned last year about the move for the Spanish hotspots, with prices rising to £2.76 a day instead of £1.38 for stays in three and four star hotels.

The increased rates will be in force from May through to October, meaning that poor holidaymakers will have to pay more during peak summer seasons.

It will go down to the normal rate between November and April. Ie. Winter when no one wants to go!