The idea of meshing the power of the human mind with electronic stimulus and responsiveness has long existed in science fiction but according to reports from the likes of computer giant Intel we will all soon be controlling everything we see and do via microchips implanted in our brains.
While it’s currently possible to implant a chip in the brain and even get one to respond to or stimulate gross neural activity, we simply don’t understand the brain’s nuance well enough to create the kind of interface that would let you channel surf by simply thinking about it. Well not yet anyway.
“Neural communications are both chemical and electrical,” Professor Liebhold says. “And we have no idea about how that works, particularly in the semantics of neural communication. So yeah, somebody might be able to put electronics inside somebody’s cranium, but I personally believe it’s only going to be nominally useful for very, very narrow therapeutic applications.”
In reality, we likely won’t be controlling our devices with a thought in 2020 as Intel has predicted although some neuroscience experts have predicted this technology will be widely available by 2030, although will Joe Public be keen to undergo the operation (said to be as minor as having a tattoo done with the same downtime) by inserting chips in their brains. The jury’s out on that one!

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