The haunted mother of murdered toddler James Bulger has told how watching CCTV of his abduction gave her hope he was alive – because his kidnappers were children. Denise Fergus tells how she watched grainy footage of the harrowing moment her two-year-old son was snatched and thought he might have a chance. Two days later little James’ battered body was found on railway tracks, the victim of a prolonged and savage assault by two 10-year-old boys.

Denise gives her heartbreaking account in a new book. Even the title – I Let Him Go – stirs harrowing emotions and ­memories of the awful day in 1993 when James was snatched away.

“When I gave birth to my baby I was full of hopes and dreams for him. But the one thing I didn’t ever imagine was burying my son’s tiny body after his murder. No parent wants to outlive their child or say goodbye – it’s impossible to imagine – but my final hours and minutes with my beautiful James will be forever etched in my mind until my dying day.”

This year marks the 25th anniversary of James’ murder on Merseyside, a crime that shocked Britain. Denise was in the New Strand Shopping Centre in Bootle, when her boy was snatched on February 12, 1993. She went into a shop and momentarily let go of her son’s hand to take out her purse. Denise never saw him alive again.

There was incomprehension that anyone, let alone children, could inflict such pain on a fellow human being. Denise’s heartrending account will be revealed in a book by Blink Publishing.

The mother speaks unflinchingly about the morning of James’s abduction and how she almost didn’t take him ­shopping at all. And she will tell how she usually put him in his buggy – and if she had turned right instead of left out of the butcher’s, she might have seen him being led away.

Denise, who was given the British Citizen Award for her tireless work to help other bereaved families, said: “Much has been written about our story but the time has finally come for me to say it in my own words.”


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