Hair extensions by Zoë. So good, no one knows!

Zoë is renowned for her creations with hair extensions. She can enhance your existing hairstyle by adding volume, thickness and/or length. It is a great way to create a total makeover of your hair instantly, without having to wait for your hair to grow longer. In a consultation Zoë will explain the possibilities of hair extensions and listen to the client ́s wishes before proposing a new look.

The transformation starts with colouring your own hair according to the new look. This could include highlights and/or lowlights. Zoë uses Great Lengths extensions, as they provide the highest quality strands of real hair. The Great Lengths extensions come in a variety of colours. What makes Zoë special is that she will mix strands of different tones into custom made extensions to blend perfectly with the natural hair.

Zoë will apply each strand individually, allowing them to move as if they were part of your own hair. The creation of new hairstyle takes on average 150 strands depending on the volume and length desired. When the strands have been applied, the real work of cutting and styling begins. This is Zoë ́s true expertise. The cutting is as important as applying the extensions as it makes the extensions blend completely into your own hair. The effect is so realistic, that none of her clients will admit to having extensions – it is their best kept secret!

Before …
After colouring and using extensions to create an entirely new hairstyle

Before …
After using extensions to create length and curls

Before …
After using extensions to provide volume and length


New for SPRING 2018

WOOD Hairdressing is introducing the new GL Tapes. We have found Great Lengths to be the best system on the market offering wonderful, shiny, natural hair, malt and tangle free. There is now two Great Lengths application options, the individual bonds, which we have pioneered for 20 years, and the new GL Tapes, each one offering different benefits. The GL Tapes is a great way of quickly adding length and volume or introducing colour with a more temporary tape-in application. They can last 6-8 weeks if well maintained and can be re-taped up to 1-2 times. If you would like to keep your extensions full time, then we recommend the individual bonds lasting 3-4 months. Call in at WOOD Hairdressing for a consultation with Zoe and we can discuss the best option for you.