löwerngripIsabella Löwengrip is the founder of beauty brand Löwengrip Care and Color; a blogger, entrepreneur and multi-millionairess at 27, the Swedish born beauty has it all. Isabella took some time out of her busy schedule to catch up with Marbella Rocks to reveal all about her beauty routine and beaugoning business as part of a three part special.


When I started my blog at the age of 14, the mainstream media didn’t take me seriously at all. I remember the Swedish media laughing at “influencers” and saying, ‘look at those young women trying to do business with blogs’. We didn’t give up though, and I’m very proud of it.


Under the pen name Blondinbella, I quickly became one of the most-read bloggers in the Nordics, and today some 1.5 million people visit my site every week.


While some of my contemporaries partied away their earnings, I chose to invest in new ventures. In 2012, beauty brand, Löwengrip Care & Color (LCC), was launched which was ranked as Sweden’s fastest-growing beauty company last year.

“I dealt with acne for longer than I would have liked. Not just acne – the cystic acne that makes you feel like you’re helpless, waiting for the next bomb to go off under your skin. My skin and scalp were also hyper sensitive and I suffered from allergies. When I founded Löwengrip I decided no more. Enough was enough. I searched in vain for products tailored to my specific skincare needs – highly effective products to balance and nourish, carefully adapted for sensitive skin and scalp. At the same time, quality in the €200 range, but at an affordable pricing. Products similar to La Prairie or La Mer in quality. Since products as such were nowhere to be found I decided to create them myself.

It takes time and patience and sainthood and a lot of trial and error to create the perfect products but in the end it has all been worth it.

After a few years of being acne-free, except the odd breakout or during pregnancy or when traveling I faced new skin problems.

That’s the thing about skincare: There’s always a new challenge to overcome. So I’d bypassed acne, but what was next? Looking in the mirror a nasty thought crept into my mind: Was I…ageing all of a sudden? Had I just left one unsavoury thing for another I had to fix? I’m all for being mature, but I still want to look the best I can and with everything my skin has endured with stress, travel, lack of sleep It makes me think less about “fine lines” and more about “journey,” which is a nice change of pace.

I now try to have more balance in my life and take time to rest and I have also switched my diet to being completely plant base. However I would still say my secret weapon to great looking skin is my “post-acne pre anti-aging routine” that I would like to share with you.

I use a lot of hydration, hyaluronacid and Sepitonic M3 which clears up any hyperpigmentation or scarring that’s lingering. Active ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acid, AHA, and BHA boosts the cell renewal process.


 A sample routine might look something like this (mine):

  • Wash your face with warm water and a light foaming, soap-free gel that effectively removes make-up and impurities. I use Cell Renewal Facial Cleanser”

  • Follow up with a hydrating toner—something as simple as the Moisture On The Go

  • I skip oil because no matter what anyone says, it doesn’t work for me

  • Serum is key and I use it day and night followed by Cell Renewal Facial Cream

  • Most important of all always use a high SPF like Protect My Face

At night, I swap out SPF for Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair (+ moisturiser on top). I think it just helps with hydration and tone, which suits people of all ages. Cell Renewal Facial Exfoliant comes into the mix every other day to help with cell turnover; on alternating days, I mask with City Living or Sleeping Sensation to keep all that moisture in. I can also endorse the eye cream, it’s key for every working mum on the go.

Löwengrip Care & Color is now available at “The Nail Place” in Marbella

To read more about Isabella please visit http://www.isabellalowengrip.com

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