2018 is all about au natural, with celebrities going wild for all things 100% natural. Brit actress Emma Watson aka Beauty in ‘Beauty in the Beast’ will only use natural products in her beauty regime and many celebrities like Alicia Silverstone and Christine Taylor are avid fans of natural cosmetics. Gone are the days of celebrities piling harmful, weighty synthetic products on their faces which can be damaging and inevitably speed up the ageing process.

Up until now these natural skin products have come with a hefty price tag. However they are now in reach for us normal folk too, as beauty expert Courtney Jones is launching a revolutionary celebrity style, 5-step facial routine to incorporate into your everyday beauty regime.

By Courtney Cosmetics is a range of natural skin care products which work from the inside out, based on natural ingredients from plants and marine life, they are 100% natural and use the latest plant based technology to regenerate skin cells from within. The 5-a-day routine ‘By Courtney Regime’ offers an alternative healthy beauty lifestyle that will have you looking and feeling fabulous. Providing a natural youthful healthy glow, you will be happy to know that you won’t have to inject your face with toxins like Botox for much longer when this product comes on the market. #TheOneToWatch by Courtney Cosmetics is launching soon. Watch this space.