Time for a massive declutter before you power ahead into an exciting new cycle, Aries. Shed what really doesn’t work anymore for you whether it’s those items in your wardrobe, a way of thinking or associations that have been lived out. You know what or who they are. You’re about to step into a powerful shift when it comes to your finances and career rewards. If you’ve not been taking yourself seriously, it’s time to see yourself in a new light. The world will reflect this with doors opening wide. When it comes to love – there should be no barriers between you and others now. Open up and share your deepest feelings. Putting up walls means you can’t really connect on a meaningful level. Look at who it is you don’t trust. Is it others or is it really you? Trust yourself to make the best choices when it comes to partners or anything else now. And ditch what no longer serves you – that includes those defences.


March madness?! Cupid could just go crazy firing off those arrows in every direction now. Sure, walk around telling yourself you’re immune – and then find your heart unexpectedly beating faster. Perhaps even for someone or something totally different to what you’ve fallen for in the past. This could be a good thing as if you keep making the same choices, you’ll end up with the same results you always have. So take care if someone returns from the past now and wants a second chance. Have they truly changed? Have you for that matter? If the answer is no, then think again. That love-struck feeling doesn’t necessarily have to involve a lover.  New friends, an enticing social scene or an activity could rev you up and see you throwing yourself heart and soul into it with passion. Time also to initiate changes on the work front as March draws to a close. Feel you are shackled to your desk or ‘slaving’ away? Liberating aspects could see you working at something that feeds the passion, not just the body. Go crazy this month.


March adds up to magnetism, passion and maybe the desire to take a walk on the wild side, Gemini. You’re craving some excitement. Temptation may cross your path. Can you resist it? This is one of those months where I would say: be careful what you wish for as you may get it. If it’s not a lover that tempts you, you can channel all that energy into making huge strides in your work and career now. But do try to get everything finished off or at least brought to some kind of conclusion before the month’s end. Up until then you’re very much in control of your destiny – and in a position to direct outcomes. However, all of a sudden events could just take a direction all their own. If this happens don’t even try to steer them. Instead hang on and enjoy the ride. You may not end up with exactly the result you thought you would, but it may in fact turn out to be better for you in the long term. March is about knowing when to steer – and when to let go, and know you’ll end up in the right place no matter what.


Romance may be new but does it have a retro feel to it this March, Cancer? If not love, you may find yourself in a situation that feels eerily familiar somehow. Sure, the players may have changed and so has the setting, but the storyline looks like one you have lived out before. If so, are you in a mood to change the ending? The key here is that it’s your story to re-write any way you see fit. You are the writer, director and yes, the main protagonist. You can’t change anyone else’s roles here but you can change yours simply by choosing to act different. This may involve you having to establish some boundaries and let others know exactly where they lie. You’ve got the confidence and the energy now to do this. Insisting others don’t take you for granted doesn’t mean they will withdraw their love – that is if the love is real. What it does mean however is that you have their respect as well. So, don’t scuttle off into that shell of hurt feelings if love gets set on replay. Change the story instead and you could just get that happy ever after, after all.


Go boldly into March or be a little bolder when it comes to taking a chance on something. Maybe even yourself or your ideas, Leo. Take a calculated risk now and it will most probably pay off. You’re being asked to expand and stretch yourself to see what it is you are able to achieve if you do. Unless you push yourself beyond previous limits you’ll never discover what this is. Ideas and dreams remain just that. What turns them into goals is our ability to take action on them. March opens up a wealth of internal resources you can access now including increased self-confidence. So, don’t just talk about what you are going to do ‘someday’. The thing about ‘someday’ is that usually it never arrives. Instead seize the day and take action in the moment. Your money and your workload could also increase if you do adding to that your sense of self-worth. Look closely at where you believe the barriers to progress still block you. As Henry Ford famously said: “Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t – either way you are right.”


Here’s the thing about change. We can resist it but it’s going to happen anyway. And unless we accept this, the change arrives in a form we won’t like. Bear this in mind in March. If things don’t change they cannot improve. Are you one of those people who when they hear the word automatically assumes change means something negative? We can change jobs and usually this means getting a better one in terms of pay and potential. Going from being single to being in a relationship is a change. Becoming a parent another one. And all these are positive examples of the forms change can take. You’re entering a powerful cycle now where some kind of transformation on a deeply personal level looks inevitable. And it’s about setting change in motion and going in the direction of your desires. Deep down inside you know what’s missing or what needs to change. Don’t resist the urge to do something about it this month. Plug into your power and make it happen. The improvements will show you a change is just what you need now.


What’s your focus this March, Libra? Because whatever it is, is what you are going to attract back. Funny how we always focus on what we don’t have rather than what we do. The result being that lack, not love, is all around us. March calls for a shift in your perspective as that is all it takes. This especially applies to your relationships. You’re the sign of partnerships and this is the area where you are most likely to see the scales as being unbalanced. If you are a single Libran, this is about as far from your ideal as you can get. But if you’re focusing on the missing type of love chances are you’re missing the point. Love is love and is all around you. If it’s one type you want to attract now – and I’m not saying this is the romantic kind, you could be yearning for a business or activity partner or just new friends, look at what love you do have. Love grows in response to appreciation, not lack. You’re entering a cycle where it wants to seek you out. Don’t block it now by telling yourself you’ve got none. All the world loves a lover. Let it come and find you this March.


Are you your own best reinvention, Scorpio? You’re the sign of the phoenix and is it now time you arose in a new form? If you’re not happy with the way you look or just feel spring warrants an update, it could be time for an image overhaul or a makeover. Time to ensure that the outer you accurately reflects your innermost being. Chances are when you stop to think about this or you go through that closet, you’re going to discover there’s a discrepancy that needs rectifying. You may surprise yourself with your image choices, but others quickly show they love seeing this new you. Now you’ve begun chances are you won’t stop there as everything from your daily routine to how you work also comes up for rejuvenation. One response to all this is going to be how you suddenly look younger and more carefree. Good times, fun and romance beckon as you show off all you’ve become. You could find yourself not just in the right company, but in the right place at the right time to attract more than just passing attention when it comes to romance or other opportunities. Get yourself noticed this March.


Working behind the scenes is not usually your style. However, being the brains behind the enterprise or the power behind the throne could bring you if not exactly acknowledgement, but financial rewards now. Plus you could be amassing some intangible ones along the way to use later on. Such as increased knowledge and expertise. At times you may feel like the person behind the curtain pulling the levers for the wizard. Don’t worry, it won’t always be this way. Whether you know it or not now, you’re building something for your own future even if it’s someone else’s reputation you’re enhancing right now. If you’re out of the professional spotlight for a while that doesn’t mean to say it doesn’t shine on you in other areas. Something close to your heart may not have panned out the way you thought it would recently. But that could undergo a major shift or revival now. Whether it’s your love life or something else close to your heart such as a project, expect life to be reinjected into it. Plus it could return or revive without any effort on your part. It all leaves you with the feeling that some things are meant to be. And that includes being backstage for a bit.


Time to look at those foundations if you want to follow a dream, Capricorn. Shooting for the stars is all very well but your rocket needs a launch pad. March is all about either laying the foundations for that or improving your existing one. Moving experiences could play a major role here with contracts or leases to be signed. Try to get all these finalised by the month’s end if you can. Others could be exploring a different kind of security in the form of a career or work decision that allows them to plan for the long term. What March is all about is decisions that you will live with for a long time to come, so do think them through carefully. If you have not thought very much about your future, you currently have your best opportunity for 28 years to plan this.  Mid-month could see news which sets you on your chosen course. Once those big decisions are made, you lighten the load and are free to go enjoy yourself again. That’s the great thing about foundations, they allow you to take full advantage of the good times when they arrive. Let them roll you on into April.


News you have been waiting for could arrive this month especially if revolves around money, finances or your income. This is probably something you have set in motion or have been working towards. Which makes it all the more satisfying for you as you see your efforts pay off right where it matters. I’m not just talking about your bank account but also your self-esteem. All that renewed confidence and empowerment is oh-so-sexy. No wonder others are picking up and are drawn to that vibe you’re broadcasting. No matter whether you are single or smitten, expect approaches and more than one opportunity to flex those flirtation muscles. What you do after that is entirely up to you. This could turn out to be merely the first stage on what is a larger success journey. With the next one due to unfold around mid-year. In the interim, take time to appreciate the moment and all you’ve achieved. And whatever rewards this brings. Some will be expected, others not so. But no matter what form they take, know that you’ve earned them now.


March contains an important new beginning for you. In fact, you may be looking at fresh starts in more than one area. Ensure you ground your decisions in reality and if faced with multiple choices (lucky you!), then go with the one which contains both passion and practicality. Yes you have got to feel it, but you also have to balance this with how do-able it all is and also whether or not other parties can deliver on their promises. Remember, talk is cheap but actions speak louder than words. The same applies to you. Don’t promise more than you can deliver whether it’s in business or in your personal life. Your new cycle contains so much potential for expansion and exploration. Travel is highlighted now as is anything to do with study, the law, mass media and the great outdoors. Above all, no matter how high you fly or far you go, you are being asked to understand your word is your bond. If you want others to keep theirs to you, keep yours this coming year. If you do, you could be amazed at just how far this takes you.