There is something about this area that attracts people who are passionate about art, whether they are artists themselves or whether they enjoy collecting works to display in their homes. Is it the brilliant sun fused light, or is it the fact that Marbella is a meeting point for like-minded souls with a creative spirit?

Surrounding ourselves with things that are aesthetically pleasing is important and there is a thriving arts’ scene along the coast here that will quench the thirst of any art hungry lover. Marbella abounds with galleries exhibiting works by world-famous artists as well as showcasing emerging talent. If you are looking to purchase then you’re sure to find something to suit your taste and pocket. If you just want to browse or see what’s out there before you commit to buying something, Marbella is the place to go.

Local sculptors, painters and photographers display their art at the many festivals and exhibitions held in different locations ranging from their own studios, houses and gardens to some of the organised events that bring together craftspeople from all over the world.


Born in Cape Town in 1988, Joseph Klibansky quickly made a name for himself on the international art scene with his ‘new media’ digital images.Klibansky makes largescale, idealistic utopian portraits that are built up through hundreds of layers of photography enriched with acrylic paint on archival cotton paper overlaid with a liquid resin.

 “I see my art as a way to portray the 21st century accompanied with a subtle vision of the future” 

Neon Jungle is one of Klibansky’s latest digital paintings.  It is a continuation of his New Urban Jungle theme that has formed a thread throughout his career since 2008 and there are similarities with his 2010 work ‘High Flyers’, which caused a stir in the art world when it went for a record price of 34.500 Euros at Sotheby’s.

To see more of Joseph Klibansky’s work, including some of his new ‘3D’ art, visit The Red Penguin Gallery in Marbella, the first independent art gallery housed within an El Corte Inglés store. This dynamic gallery acts as a creative platform for artists from around the world, featuring a diverse array of design and contemporary artworks.


Born in the USSR, Yul Hanchas came to Spain in 2011 and loved it so much he has made it his home. Yul is not just an artist but he combines his talent with a showmanship that has led to him exhibiting his unique work in galleries around the world. Between1992-2002, in Israel, he had his own stained glass and art-forging studio but always continued working with oil, mixing and finding different styles until he invented his own technique – volumetric pop art.


Spain obviously enticed you to live and work here. What was it particularly about the area surrounding Marbella that you fell in love with?

The lack of traffic! I came here from Moscow and it is a luxury not to have to waste hours in traffic. Sunny days, siestas… I just love it all, especially the Mediterranean colours which have added a new dimension of bright tones to my paintings.

You say you had an ‘art-forging’ studio. Can you explain this? Presumably you don’t mean a studio for art forgery!
I finished art school and then had a great opportunity to learn more about art at my father’s workshops. He was an honoured artist and sculptor and many well-known artists, sculptors, restorers and wood carvers worked under his direction. They, in turn, became my teachers.  I spent my entire childhood watching nude models and after school I helped to cut and paste coloured glass. At the same time I was studying stained glass techniques and learning about hand forging with iron and bronze.  When I was 15 I got my first job and worked with my father beautifying different towns of Sakhalin in the Far East of Russia with bronze monuments and forged art objects. In Israel some years later we had our own stained glass and art-forging studio and, after an exhibition in Tel-Aviv in 1995, the name Hanchas became a brand known for setting standards of elegance and quality.

What is volumetric pop art?
Well, pop art was already an existing style but what I did was to add volume to it. In two words – it’s a sculpture on canvas with inlaid pearls and stones which makes the artwork very shiny and decorative. Each one is unique.

Some of your work features images of famous and iconic celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe.  Which of these has been your favourite?
Every painting is my favourite because I only do portraits of celebrities I admire. But the one that I really love now is of Montserrat Caballé, not forgetting the Dalí of course!

Are there any other techniques you would like to explore or places you would like to live that would inspire you further?
Who knows what will happen in the future but I will definitely keep working and experimenting. Here in Spain I have created another new style in oil which I have called Colortherapy. At the moment I am working in wood and creating a brand new collection that I will exhibit at the Museo Picasso in Málaga later this year. However, it goes without saying that I would love to work again with iron and bronze.

Where do you see your art journey going in the future?
My surname Hanchas comes from my Greek grandfather. In Andalusian it sounds like ‘ancha’, meaning wide. Wide soul – wide opportunities! Let’s see where it takes me!


photographyThis amazing pencil drawing of an old man by talented 16 year old schoolgirl Shania McDonagh from County Mayo in Ireland has won the €1,500 first prize in her age group
in the Texaco Children’s Art Competition.  The pencil study entitled ‘Coleman’ is so realistic that it is hard to distinguish whether it is a drawing or photograph. However, Shania is no stranger to the competition as this is the fourth year in succession she has won the top prize in her category. Shania fought off competition from thousands of young students from across Ireland who took part in the Competition. A glittering future is assured!


maxThought at first to be by Banksy, this wall art that appeared in Battersea portraying Max Clifford is not by the world renowned Bristol based graffiti artist, but was in fact created by fellow street artist T.Wat whose work always includes some social commentary.  The large image shows Marbella home owner Clifford, recently jailed for eight years for sex crimes, standing in a suit, trousers around his ankles and with his pants down.



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