Gabriela Girs, or more affectionately known as Gabynsky Art, is an artist born in Helsinki, Finland.

She studied art in open art schools in England and Spain, but mostly she is a self-taught artist with a very strong personal style that has made her well known across Europe.

Gabynsky, 41, has had her work exhibited across Europe GABRIELA-GIRS-4at several locations and sold through the world famous Saatchi Art Gallery among others. In April 2017, Gabynsky was awarded the Gran Artist of Marbella Trophy from the Association of Marbella International.

Her latest collection, Luxury Dogs by Gabynsky Art, is all about dogs with Louis Vuitton jackets and Champagne. Fun and frivolous. This collection has already been sold to the US even before the launch of the exhibition. The dogs are painted mainly with acrylic and the finishing touch are done with a process to make them look like vintage paintingsGABRIELA-GIRS-3
Luxury Dogs Tour is starting with a one night only exhibition at the famous Puro Beach on 9th August where original paintings will be shown. From there the exhibition is heading to Parallax Art fair in London followed by a Baltic tour to Russia and finally back to Spain in Spring 2018.

The dogs are Gabynsky’s imagination, except for her own pooch, the bodeguero Rosy. She loves to personalise her dog paintings with names and make them characters. Traveling trunks appears next to my dogs, as this is how GABRIELA-GIRS-2Louis Vuitton started in 1831 in France, primarily as a trunk maker. After visiting Reims, as a guest to Clovis Taittinger and being hosted by them so kindly Gabynsky felt the need to include a Champagne bottle with her next dog. The family history of Champagne houses are inspiring and interesting.GABRIELA-GIRS-1
Gabynsky likes to break typical modern interior design with art that puts a smile on your face, gives a touch of luxury and looks like vintage pieces. Already massive prints are sold across Europe and it has been fascinating to see Gabynsky’s work in so many places and so many beautiful homes.

Original Dogs are available for reservation but due to the planned exhibitions, delivery will be late summer 2018. Canvas or paper prints of all Luxury Dogs are available for ordering.
Gabynsky added, “I wish my dog art will spread good spirit around the world and bring happiness to many homes.”GABRIELA-GIRS-GABY

Instagram: Gabynsky
Facebook: Art by Gabriela von Girs

Canvas prints on wooden frames as well as paper prints are done by
Photography by: Patrick Roussel

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