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Life has a constant ability to remind us who’s boss but it also offers us beauty should we be fortunate enough to see it!

John Cage once said “the thing with accidents are you get to choose which one’s you keep!” and this for sure holds a fair truth within the way in which my work unfolds. I work in a very fluid manner which is highly reactionary…..in constant a state of flux if you will… is as though my mind soul are instructing and just the catalyst for steering the direction it wishes to proceed. Sometimes this works, sometimes not but i’ll keep overlaying and only feel OK to stop when nothing more is bothering me….so this can take some time…..

We all have people who we draw inspiration from. For me the list could be long…..the genius that is Piccasso! the brilliance of Gerhard Richter! The soul of Rubens! The anger of De Kooning! The invention of Yayoi Kusama! The legend that is Da Vinci! the list could go on….but all who have crossed my path have in some way fuelled my childish inquisitiveness.

As i’ve never been the type who wants to know what his coffee is going to taste like before he wakes I produce a varied array of works some light hearted and some drawn from deep inside which can also be a kind of self therapy. If a piece makes you think then good but if it makes you feel then were really gtting somewhere… perhaps this is why faces have a strong representation within my portfolio. All faces have the same components and yet no two are the same. They are also the focal point for emotional release. The structure shape and form has always had a fascination for me.

I believe art is of massive importance in our ever increasing stressful lives with its relentless pressures. I think it can offer us (however brief) an opportunity to take a break from all modern day madnesses constantly straining at us….

Anyway if you’ve taken the time to view my works and read this far then I thank you and trust it wasn’t overly traumatic…..


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