When we came across this fantastic new swimwear brand, Apres, launched by local boys Fred Cruz and Basha Isola, we thought we´d give you the inside scoop on the brand rocking Marbella – which has already caught the eye of TOWIE stars Lewis Bloor and Dan Edgar.

“Our vision was to create a brand which embodied the madness of the Mediterranean, its flavour and all the brilliant aspects of its culture. We didn’t want our swim shorts to blend in, we wanted them to be eye catching and bold. Quality and affordability are other aspects that are hugely important to us as a brand and we believe we have delivered on both” Fred and Basha said.

To get your hands on these fantastic new shorts, priced at €55, visit the newly launched transactional store at www.theapreslife.com or have a browse on either Instagram or Facebook @theapreslife.

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