London based band Florence + the Machine’s fourth studio album ‘High as Hope’ is a belter. The album’s lead single, ‘Hunger’ showcases their perfect blend of soul and pop.
Speaking about the 10 track album, lead singer Florence describes that she aimed for a more positive message for love and life, in contrast to her heartbreak last record ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.’
“When I came back to New York to mix the record, I would see the skyline going over the bridge and it inspired me to write this poem ‘New York Poem’ which included the line “ever reaching, high as hope”. I decided to call the album that. There are a lot of feelings on this record – sadness, anger, joy – but in amongst it, I still have hope.”
Florence described the processes of recording it as “Lungs, but with 10 years more experience”. She describes how it was written from the core of her, and that unlike her previous three albums, this one was written for the pure joy of music.
This is the first of Florence Welch’s albums for which she is a co-producer, and collaborators on the project include Kamasi Washington, Jamie xx, Sampha, Tobias Jesso Jr. and Kelsey Lu.