Jason Derulo, the RnB impresario who regularly performs in Marbella nightclub Mirage, is back with his fifth studio album by Warner Bros.

The long awaited album is tipped to be Derulo’s best with a mix of upbeat dance tracks and thought provoking ballads including the best track he said he has ever written called, “Point of View.”


Jason, recently billed as the most played male artist on the radio today, said of the new album: “I always try to create an album that’s a bit of a rollercoaster ride so you don’t get bored, because those are my favourite kinds of albums.

“With this album, I do dive in more emotionally, a little more vulnerable—actually, a lot more vulnerable. There’s the party songs, of course, but there are very mature, emotional sides of the album that I don’t think have really been touched on from me.”

777 will be released on 13th April. If you want to be the first to get your hands on it pre-order from iTunes today. Derulo will commence his 777 World Tour in June – be sure to catch him on Marbella shores this Summer. He is a real crowd pleaser and will not disappoint.