Rejuma is a brand new anti-ageing product that regenerates our bodies at a cellular level. It not only makes you look younger but actually aims to reverse the ageing process. Because age is not just solely dependent on actually how long we have lived, it encompasses the age of our body’s right down to a cellular level and is dependent on our genes and our lifestyles. Our bodies are capable of repairing, yet when the damage outweighs its ability to repair and regenerate naturally, and with time our bodies become less efficient at repairing and we notice the signs of ageing. Not just visually of our skin, hair and appearance, but in our vitality, energy levels and degenerative ailments and illnesses related to ageing.

The Science Part
We have Chaperone Proteins in our bodies. When we are young we have more chaperones and less damaged cells we heal quickly. As we age, through our lifestyles and genetics, we have more damaged cells than can be repaired, thus the ageing process begins. Skin loses its elasticity, we lose energy quicker and various degenerative related illnesses occur. Rejuma contains a series of HSPs, they are a type of chaperone protein and is the only certified biological source of HSPs in the world. Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) are chaperone proteins – a type of protein that acts as a chaperone.
When stresses occur our bodies enhance or induce gene expression of Heat Shock Proteins and they play a vital role in cellular homeostasis. To survive a variety of stresses cells have to deal with protein dysfunction by degrading and /or reforming the proteins. This is performed by Heat Shock Proteins.

How The Magic Works
Rejuma must be prescribed and administered by a qualified Rejuma doctor and after an initial blood test and simple questionnaire it is then tailored to an individuals specific needs, which is usually 4 vials over a 3 week period. Depending on your lifestyle, a regular boost either biannually or annually is recommended however probably just one or two. These are administered as an injection in the subcutaneous area (tissue layer between the skin and the muscle) of the buttocks. It may cause slight discomfort for a few seconds. There have been numerous tests done over the past 7 years or so, and to date there are little to no side effects. As each of us is uniquely different, each of the client’s personal journey may differ.

“I started using Rejuma at 49 with big pre-menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, irregular heavy periods and recurring debilitating migraines, I have found a new lease on life. All my menopause symptoms have gone, I rarely get a hangover (I still love to go out to dinner and dance and drink wine and champagne) and at 53 my cycle is quite regular with no menopausal symptoms. I used to feel quite sluggish and unmotivated when it came to exercise, I now do Pilates, aerial yoga, boxercise and aqua aerobics. Due to the nature of the product it may take a few weeks to start noticing the difference. The first thing most people notice is restored energy levels. This new vitality has also been noticed in the bedroom!”

Coming Soon
Rejuma will be available in Gibraltar, London and hopefully Marbella as soon as September 2017. The team is also in the process of devising a non-invasive application via a patch-like system as an equally effective alternative option. Rejuma is recommended to both men and women from early 40’s to mid 70’s, although really anybody can benefit from a boost of our magic elixir removing the need for invasive treatments, surgery or Botox. Rejuma makes a person younger from the inside out. That’s the revolutionary difference. So if you want a new lease on life visit


Fractora is a fractional rejuvenation and resurfacing treatment that reduces wrinkles to slow down the effects of ageing. The most commonly treated areas include lower eyelid, upper eyelid, smile lines, forehead, cheeks, mouth, neck, decollete and discolouration. Results can be seen after two weeks with improvements continuing for up to three months. We all know jowels or the dreaded “turkey necks” can give away our age as well as a multitude of sins. It has always been a notoriously tricky area to treat with invasive facelifts being the only real solution… until now. The FDA approved Necktite & Facetite are effective procedures for addressing issues of localised deposits of fat (aka the jowell) and works by tightening the area whilst recontouring using gentle yet deep heating (or scientifically known as radio frequency assisted lipolysis) to melt down and suck excess fat into the area thus breaking down and recontouring the problem area. The only other procedure to do this previously was liposuction but this can damage the sensitive areas of skin being treated and lead to the skin turning lax…not what you want when trying to get rid of a turkey neck. The procedure can be performed under local anaesthetic or light sedation and the results can be seen immediately and fully by 6-12 weeks post-operative. There is also a Bodytite procedure which works wonders on the abdomen, love handles, legs and breasts. A compression garment is worn for a period of six weeks after.


At the forefront of cutting edge aesthetic medicine is the use of stem cells to repair and regenerate the skin. Patients are asking for help to regenerate their skin, heal scarring or even treat alopecia and male pattern baldness.
It is a completely painless process not requiring surgery and usually carried out with a numbing cream. It involves obtaining a patients stem cells from their fat (usually a 2mm pinch of skin at the back of the neck above your hairline.) It is then mixed with a saline solution and vitamins to rejuvenate the patient’s cells before being injected into the “affected” zone.
This pioneering treatment holds a lot of promise. Stem cell regeneration is one of the most talked about advancements in general aesthetic medicine.
Scientists claim this is currently one of the most effective techniques currently available on the market. Plus, only one treatment is usually required after which the results are visible after a few days. In the case of alopecia, it will take 6 weeks to see the full effects of the treatment. There isn´t a minimum age to test out Stem Cell treatments, although it is after 25 that patients start to lose their natural collagen so not advisable before this age. It is advised to only carry out stem cell regeneration treatments with a qualified medical practitioner.


At first glance, a dermal roller may appear to be a miniature barbaric torture device, but it has in fact become one of the most innovative approaches to skincare treatment in years. Dermal rollers are known to be an effective treatment against elements like wrinkles, fine lines and skin stretching. They can help to thicken the skin, smooth scars and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The magic lies within the fine needles that penetrate the skin as it is rolled across the surface. The tiny pinpricks help to stimulate collagen and elastin production, which aid in plumping the skin in problem areas such as laugh line areas or forehead wrinkles.
Proven to increase chemical absorption up to 1000 times, dermal rollers are commonly used along with skincare products such a moisturisers, anti-wrinkle or anti-aging creams and even essential oils. As the holes are put in place, the product is able to penetrate the skin at a deeper level then just surface application causing the results to be more effective and promising. Instead of just sitting on the surface, skincare products are able to be fully absorbed in multiple layers of skin. Dermal Roller is available at Bliss Hair & Beauty. Call +34 951 278 130 or visit for more information.


Wrinkles, saggy jowls, muffin tops, bingo wings, loose thighs, chubby belly….. have we got your attention yet? No matter how young or beautiful, every woman has one or two areas of concern, which they would love to improve if given a magic wand. Unfortunately, with age and the joys of menopause, these issues could very well be multiplied and the magic wand usually only comes in invasive forms such as liposuction, face-lifts, botox, etc.
Now there is a quick, comfortable and easy solution for smoothing those wrinkles and thighs, lifting those jowls and buttocks and flattening that tummy without expensive or painful surgery. T-Shape is a new, non-surgical, anti-cellulite and fat reducing body-contouring treatment and a rejuvenating, skin firming/lifting facial treatment in one. It works with three different yet synergistic technologies; radiofrequency to tighten and tone the skin, lipo-laser to melt the fat and vacuum to assist lymphatic drainage and to smooth cellulite.
After only 4-5 sessions you can see a very noticeable difference and sleeveless tops and bikinis could be an option for you this summer if you´d previously shuddered at the thought of baring all on the beach. T-Shape also gets very good results with refining the jawline and firming up the delicate skin on the neck and the décolleté. For more info on how the T-Shape could help tone up your problem areas, contact Katie Lee Beauty Therapy on +34 660 444 005 or visit the website to book a free consultation.


Without a doubt Botox is the most common procedure on the market these days. When it was first introduced in 2000 it used to be only associated with A-listers and women over the age of 40. Now Botox is as common for women as getting a leg wax with millions of woman advocating the face-freezing injections. What´s more according to recent statistics, 35% of Botox users are people in their 20´s. According to medical practitioners despite people in their 20´s having hardly any lines or wrinkles, having Botox in their 20´s is actually good. “Botox is also popular as a preventative measure against ageing. Patients who begin to use Botox at in their 20’s and 30’s will have less fine lines and wrinkles in the Botox targeted areas because the muscles will be relaxed and unable to produce their wrinkles.” For a great deal on Botox on the Costa Del Sol – €90 for one area and €250 for 3 areas (with free top-us as required) contact registered nurse Christopher Hutchinson on 0044 7921 482261.


Look in the mirror and scrape back your hair into a tight ponytail. Ta-dah! Your wrinkles magically disappear and everything is lifted back to positions they last held in the 80s. This is certainly the cheapest way to achieve the effects of a facelift, but for a more permanent change consider the Ponytail Lift. The procedure is designed to mimic the improved appearance that comes with pulled back hair, with lifted brows, cheeks and jowls, and is minimally invasive.
“The ‘pony tail facelift’ is simply a marketing name given to a treatment known as an endoscopic forehead lift,” says Dr. Kaye from Ocean Clinic in Marbella. “We tense the muscles of the mid-face and forehead by making some small incisions hidden in the hair. It’s not a new technique – it’s 30-years old! The endoscopic techniques are having a renaissance because of the trend towards minimally invasive procedures, which give great results with minimal down time.”


Despite having all the botox and collagen in the world, what if… just what if… you could cut out one simple yet damaging ingredient from your life and look like you’re 30 and not 70?
Take a look at sugar-free advocate Carolyn Hartz. For the past 28 years Carol has shunned sugar in her pursuit of the perfect face and body and has been making headlines in the process. Fed up of the highs and lows associated with sugar and a diabetes scare in her forties, she gave up the drug (yes, drug) almost 30 years ago and has never looked back. Carolyn boasts a bikini body and glowing complexion that many women decades younger could only dream of.
The Perth-based mother-of-three, said of her transformation: “A lot of women post 50 think that it’s not possible to maintain a reasonable shape and weight when they reach 50 or beyond. I even speak to women who are in their 40s and who have had children and think they cannot regain their post baby body.”
Hartz, who is 70, says while it may be ‘a little more difficult’ to stay in shape for women post 40, it can ‘still be possible if you really want to work at it’.
“We know our metabolism slows down as we get older it just means we have to take control and make healthier choices and work a little harder,” she said. “I believe it is very important to be aware of the type of food you eat and the quantity of food you eat. Being mindful while you are eating is a huge factor. Mindless eating can lead to unnecessary weight gain. I say to my customers “taste and enjoy every mouthful”… it will help you slow down and you will be less likely to overeat.” And when it comes to food, sugar is most certainly out, with Hartz opting for an alternative called Xylitol.
“Research has shown that obesity in Australia has reached epidemic levels and sugar has been a major contributing factor” she explains. Cutting out the white stuff has done wonders for her with renewed energy and a face and figure to die for.
Hartz said her skin feels taught and she knows that while most women her age would be hiding their faces in shame she takes everyday in her stride and reassures it is her sugar free lifestyle that is giving her – “her new lease of life.” If you can opt for sugarfree completely it will work wonders, otherwise aim to cut down on the white stuff.

Did you know… all the cells in our body contain tiny clocks called Telomeres that determine how long each cell lives. Telomeres are little caps at the end of chromosomes that prevent loss or injury to genetic information during cell division. However, each time a cell divides, part of the Telomere is lost and it becomes shorter, eventually disappearing because of the divisions and damage that prevents each cell from reproducing itself. Hence the ageing process.
Anyway what’s with all this science babble? Well before you throw this mag down – here it is…
The chief enemy of Telomeres has been discovered by scientists to be none other than Stress. Therefore the breaking down of cells and premature ageing is primarily to do with leading a stressful life. Did you know Barrack Obama went grey after just a few months in the Oval Office? In which case, this theory is proven in spades.
This outward sign of Barrack’s “grey-ageing” (pronounced gray-ging) was caused by the damage to his Telomeres. Think of this in simplistic terms as the outgoing president elects cells going rusty. So, what can we actually do to combat stress and thus delay the onset of wrinkles? Besides not becoming President of the United States. Well here you go…

Research has found that participants in a 3 month yoga programme had increased levels of Telomeres in the bloodstream. Why? Because yoga fundamentally allows you to control your thoughts, not letting them spiral out of control. And if you feel more in control, you will simply be less stressed. That yoga retreat holiday your friend has been barking on about seems somewhat more appealing now?

If you look at a person pounding the treadmill next to you – their face contorted, looking like they’re doing 12 rounds with Mike Tyson rather than a leisurely jog? Well this news will give you even more of a reason to gloat. This painstaking process is actually more counter-productive than the good work they think they are doing as if you don’t enjoy a workout, you will release stress hormones. Exercise should leave you feeling elated so be sure to choose an activity you really enjoy to shed pounds and destress you – be it swimming or a team sport.

Research shows that pessimists have shorter Telomeres than optimists. Of course, too much optimism can make us deluded, but we all tend to expect the worst much more frequently than we assume everything will be OK. Think positive as opposed to negative (minus delusion) and you will be taking a leaf out of Carolyn Hartz book in no time.

Good news… repeated studies have shown Omega 3s, found in oily fish, encourage our Telomeres to grow. Added to this almonds, cherry and other berry juices all act as anti-oxidants in the fight against cell division. Plus in a recent study, participants who took multi-vitamins had longer Telomeres than those who didn’t.

Pistachios also protect our DNA by lowering blood pressure in the fight against Telomeres destruction. The right food choices can help combat the ageing process so take full advantage of this simple anti-ageing rule.


Simple, but effective. Get eight hours sleep or more and you can be winging your way to looking wow, not ow. Oh, and have more sex…it’s good for the cells in the brain, apparently.
Regular sex helps people look youthful for longer, an expert claims. Dr David Weeks’s research shows that older men and women with an active love life look between five and seven years younger than their actual age. Other British research has credited regular lovemaking with halving the odds of early death. Dr Weeks, former head of old age psychology at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, said that people of all ages should be aware of the benefits of a healthy love life. Those who looked younger than their age claimed to have sex an average 50% more – in the 40-to-50 age group equating to three times a week rather than twice. Dr Weeks says that the pleasure derived from sex is a ‘crucial factor’ in preserving youth.
Biology also plays a role, with sex releasing endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. You have been told!!!

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