Former professional bodybuilder, and 6-time consecutive Mr Olympia Dorian Yates showed his softer side by raising awareness for non-profit animal shelter Triple A Marbella. With what started as having very humble beginnings of home fostering back in 1992; The Triple A today is now a temporary refuge for approximately 550 animals, with the majority being abandoned or abused dogs. The dedicated workers and volunteers are on a mission to offer the animals a second chance at a better life. A no-kill policy ensures each animal stays in the centre with appropriate care until they are found a full-time home. Thousands of animals lives have been saved over the past 25 years, but despite the dedicated work of the Triple A more animals are being rescued than being re-homed.

Dorian explained how he became aware of the issue via friends at the M13 gym, then took to social media putting his 624,000 Instagram following to good use; he invited the public to come and join him on 22/04/18 for the dogs weekly walk. Dorian praised the fantastic job the workers and volunteers are carrying out but made the bottom line clear, “that they just need more help”. There was a fantastic turnout from 10am, a far cry from the usual numbers that tend to consist of regular Triple A members. Steve Wiley is one of those committed few and explained how on days of bad weather the dog walking often takes them from 10am until 6pm at night making sure every last dog gets a walk.

Jan Weimer secretary and longest standing member of the Triple A has dedicated much of his life to the animals and explained how some of the dogs “have been through hell.” Nevertheless many manage to seek loving homes in Spain and worldwide including family’s in Germany, Holland, Sweden and even the US. Jan emphasised the particular support from these countries and particularly valued Sweden’s outlook for animal care and consciousness.
The Triple-A receives no central or regional government funding in Spain surviving mainly from membership fees, donations and charity events. The Marbella Town council, however, does financially help by giving a yearly donation of €30,000. As an onlooker, this may sound like a lot of money, but this donation, in reality, doesn’t touch the sides. The monthly maintenance fees for the shelter exceed a staggering €30,000.

When you adopt an animal from the shelter they are fully vaccinated, microchipped, sterilised, de-wormed and set up with their doggy passports ready for their onward travels. There is a small donation of €150 when adopting, but considering the standard prices for sterilisation are from 200-300 € per animal it’s a small price to pay.

Before adoption, you can even view a virtual video online and are given extensive information about the animal from his or her’s history to character traits. But this isn’t the only way that you can help, both Jan and Dorian want to stress that no matter your current circumstance everyone can play their part.

Ways that you can help:

Become a Triple A member, and help with finding new members.

Make donations: financially and by donating food, blankets and toys.

Accompanying an animal on a flight on route to their new home

Spread the word to friends & family

Attend our charity events

Become a volunteer

Walk the dogs on Saturdays

Virtual/online adoption

Remember them in your Will


The desire for fashionable breeds, designer dogs and the lack of castration are contributing factors to the abandonment problem which Triple A and many other organisations face, but I’m sure all those involved resonate with the line that states “the best breeds are the ones in need”.

Speaking on a personal level as someone who owns an adopted dog from the Triple A I can honestly say there’s nothing more rewarding. Kenza was fortunately taken home as a puppy, but there are many dogs and cats which aren’t so lucky. Pipo and Mafia are the longest staying residents of Triple A who’ve now been cared for more than three and five years!

Despite the challenges the Triple A face, commitment to the cause is solid, thanks to the dedication from the president, the committee, the vets, cleaning staff, administrative staff, sponsors and not forgetting the honourable work from all the volunteers. Nobody can question the great job the the Triple A are doing but when asking Jan for a few final words he said, “the dream is that one day the Triple A won’t exist, not by unfortunate closure/ events but simply because there shall be no need….”

The next event is a fundraising dinner at La Sala Banus on 9th September, with a silent auction and raffle. For further ticketing/event information please contact Steve on: + (34) 673 88 30 60.
Triple A Marbella – San Pedro
T. +34 952 771 586 Crta.
A-355, km 5 29610 Marbella, Málaga


By Millie Sophia Pugh