Dominique Laird marbella Rocks Magazine InterviewDominique Laird is an international hair and make-up artist based at Golden Tarts super salon in the heart of Puerto Banus.

She has styled countless celebrities including Sarah Ashcroft, Denise Van Outen and the cast of TOWIE. Marbella Rocks caught up with her in this exclusive 60 Second interview.

What is it like to style celebrity clients?
Being lucky enough to work with top bloggers and celebrities is something I never take for granted. Anyone who puts their face in your hands, shows that they believe in your skill set and trust your professional opinion which is a huge confidence boost. Celebrity or not, I love making people feel good. Everyone is beautiful, and I thoroughly enjoy working on every single one of my fabulous clients.

Who was the nicest and who was the worst – and why?
Sarah Ashcroft is one of my all time girl crushes. Meeting her was amazing, and finding out she was an absolute babe on the inside just made me love her even more. Not everyone is as friendly….but be warned…..if you speak to me like sh*t I may just give you a mono brow. It’s nice to be nice, so keep it together girls.

Dominique Laird marbella Rocks Magazine Interview

Is it true that hairdressers get to hear all the best gossip?
Affairs, secret pregnancies, surgery, feuds…. you name it…. I hear it. But my lips are sealed. My clients put their trust in me and that’s the way I like it. A lot of my regulars get a free therapy session with every treatment haha… I like to give my girls a pep talk, like…you got this girl.

What’s the juiciest thing you’ve heard?
Now that would be telling…. I’m a firm believer in karma and I don’t like to get involved in other people’s business. Most of the time I have enough drama on my own plate to even bat an eyelid. This world has far too many busy bodies and I’m all about spreading the love… not the gossip.

If you could only take three things to a desert island, what would they be?
Brad Pitt, my workout gear and my mum.

Dominique Laird marbella Rocks Magazine InterviewWhat´s your greatest achievement so far?
When I was 16 I won 7 unconditional scholarships to the best performing arts schools in Britain. That was a pretty big deal.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?
Love yourself… be kind to others and never take anything for granted.

What all our male readers want to know, are you single?
I’m at a time in my life where I feel the need to focus on myself. I have so much going on that it leaves little time for relationships. I’m not looking… I’m just not desperate to settle down at the moment.

What do you look for in a guy?
Tall, dark and handsome. Somewhere in between Wolverine and Thor. I like men to look like men. No ken dolls over here.

Funniest pick up line used on you?
Men never approach me, I have an invisible ‘back off’ sign which apparently flashes when I’m within a ten foot radius of any male.

Best character trait?
I love making others feel good, I’m a mood changer and I love seeing people smile.

Most embarrassing item in your wardrobe?
A Justin Beiber T-shirt…. And I bloody love it!

Worst habit?
Tying my hair up with my underwear and completely forgetting before I leave the house.

What did you want to be growing Dominique Laird marbella Rocks Magazine Interviewup?
I actually wanted to be Michael Jackson… I’m still working on that. Ha ha! I am a professionally trained singer and dancer, MJ was always my biggest inspiration in life. Talent is so attractive, and his music plays a massive part in my everyday life.

What do you do to relax?
I like yoga, meditation and what girl doesn’t love a good pamper.

What couldn’t you live without?

Best thing about living in Spain?
Everyone always seems happier in the sun. I like how you can take a stroll along the beach and spend time outdoors without a windshield or a rain Mac. Also let’s face facts…. Who doesn’t look good with a nice Golden tan.

Worst thing?
Being too hot in leather pants… no amount of talc will make it comfortable to wear PVC in 30 degree heat. Such a shame…

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