Piloxing is quickly becoming a global fitness phenomenon with celebrity devotees including Kelly Osbourne, Ashley Tissdale and Vanessa Hudgens.

It is the first program that blends the muscle sculpting of pilates, the strengthening and cardio of boxing and the fun and sensuality of dance into a high-energy interval workout.

Piloxing has taken the US by storm and is now gaining a huge following in the Costa del Sol with classes in Marbella, Calahonda, Sotogrande and Gibraltar. If last year’s fitness craze was Zumba this year’s is definitely Piloxing. There are now 36 countries with certified training academies – with numbers set to hit triple figures by the end of the year.

Weighted gloves are worn to work the muscles further and all the moves are performed in time with a pumping music soundtrack, which helps to keep you moving and motivated.

The classes aren’t for the faint hearted though as the interval training is at 145 beats per minute. It means you’ll be working out intensively for 60 minutes but you burn up to 900 calories in that session alone. Not bad going and reportedly twice as effective as spinning classes for shifting those stubborn pounds.

Piloxing classes have been described by attendees as “a fast, exhilarating and full-on workout,” Kelly Osbourne is sweaty but sold, adding, “Piloxing is an amazing, full-body workout, and its good, dancey fun.”

Lisa Greenwood, a certified Piloxing instructor, who runs classes at DanceWorks and the Almenara Hotel in Sotogrande, believes ISSUE 01 | MARBELLAROCKS 77 the reason why the take-up has been so high is
because it appeals to everyone.

“You don’t necessarily have to have coordination to do piloxing and it is highintensity but low impact so good for everyone, from the superfit to the 70.”

After only six weeks of classes people notice increased muscle tone in their arms, legs and core. “Piloxing builds strength but does not give you bulky muscles because you are lengthening and stretching,” Lisa says.

Hollywood trainer and founder of Piloxing, Viveca Jensen has come up with a motto for her unique workout concept to empower the women that do it, ‘Sleek, Sexy and Powerful’.

Which in turn neatly sums up this Swedishborn classically trained dancer’s newly amassed fortune. Her Piloxing DVD is already an international bestseller and her latest release, The Piloxing System, has been named one of
the Top 10 workout DVD’s for 2014 by Fitness Magazine.

Laughing is one of the best exercises for your core

When we first heard about piloxing in the Marbella Rocks office we laughed at the mere mention of pairing activities.  Whatever next Pi-latte (pilates and drinking coffee) Pil-ayaking (pilates and kayaking). Can you think of the best exercise or activity combination? Tweet us your suggestions on @Marbella_Rocks to win a dinner for 2 at a top restaurant in Marbella.


 We’ve got six easy, gym-free moves from Jensen as shown here by fully-certified instructor Lisa Greenwood.

countertopCountertop push-ups: Stand on toes two feet from a counter. Place hands on countertop, and lower down and back up, keeping elbows close to the body. Work up to 3 sets of 20 reps.

bicepBicep curl:Reach arms out in front at shoulder height, with open palms facing up. Bend elbows to 90-degree angles, keeping hands open. Slowly lower to starting position.  Do 2 sets of 30 reps.

speedbagSpeed bag: Bend knees slightly, tighten core muscles, and bend elbows at chest level with clenched fists facing each other. Circle fists rapidly, as if hitting a speed bag, for 3 sets of 30 seconds. Rest 10 seconds between sets.

tricepTricep squeeze: With feet hip-distance apart and knees slightly bent, lean forward to create a flat back. Pump arms back toward each other, palms facing in, keeping arms tight and straight. Do 3 sets, 30 seconds each, resting for 10 seconds between sets.

armspinsArm spins: Stand with arms reaching out to the sides. Circle arms forward, keeping elbows straight and muscles tight and flexed, for 30 reps, and then do 30 reps circling backward.  Do 3 sets.

uppercutUpper cut: Create a strong (fighting) stance with feet staggered and knees slightly bent, keeping core muscles tight. Punch the right fist out to the left, then left fist to the right, alternating fists for 3 sets of 30 seconds each.  Rest for 10 seconds in between sets.

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